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Robbie Russell


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Spend any time with producer/remixer/artist/top-line writer/label owner Robbie Russell and you’ll soon find that his passion for dance music is contagious. “I hear a dance song and automatically I’m in a good mood,” he says.

While the Florida native grew up playing bass violin in the Tallahassee Youth Symphony Orchestra, he went on to be known as “the 14 year old death metal drummer” to sell out audiences. After graduating high school, he then made the trek to prestigious New York University and received his degree in film/TV production.

“I always liked up-tempo music with a good hook and bass line. But New York had (radio station) KTU and I had never heard anything like it before. This was back in 1996 when dance music was still somewhat considered mainstream on pop radio. It was then that I knew this was the type of music I wanted to focus on.”

Robbie began attending dance music conferences such as the Billboard Dance Music Summit and the Winter Music conference, making connections and finding out how to progress within the industry. He began recording his own demos and getting feedback.

In early 2005, Robbie teamed up with Billboard chart-topping producer/remixer Josh Harris (formerly of the Passengerz remix team) to record his first commercial dance song.

“Here With You” is born

Just as Robbie's music was coming together, tragedy struck. In April 2005 he noticed a lump on his neck and was subsequently diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma, a rare and highly aggressive cancer. Ironically, the very same day of his diagnosis, Harris sent Robbie an instrumental track for what would become his first single.

"I didn't know if I was going to live or die or what was going to happen to me. So I used music as my outlet and wrote 'Here With You' within an hour. It's a song about dealing with the uncertainties of life and knowing that everything will be OK--that problems in life will work out in the end."

The next several months served as a true test for Robbie as he battled cancer. During the summer, he was on high does of chemotherapy and was hospitalized seven times. But he responded well to the treatment and four months later the cancer was in remission, his treatment was over, and his life was handed back to him. He now suffers zero side effects.

“’Here With You” became a very personal song and I didn’t feel like I could turn it over to a record label and give away all creative rights. So I decided to hand select the remixers for the EP, start my own record label, and was able maintain total creative control.”

Now, Robbie lives in Atlanta, Georgia and spends his time listening to music, looking for new talent, and writing and singing vocals for producers across the globe. “I can record a vocal in my studio in Atlanta, send off the wav files to a producer in Sweden, Italy, or anywhere in the world, and a song is born. Dance music truly is an international form of music.”


Rise With Me
Here With You
Enjoy the Ride

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3-5 songs