Robbie Wooten

Robbie Wooten


A singer / songwriter, Robbie's original music will take you back to the days of Merle Haggard and Hank Williams. A traditional artist, Robbie's music fuses creative lyrics with the influences of fiddle and steel guitar to craft a classic country sound not heard in years.


Robbie Wooten grew up around music, having spent countless nights watching his dad fiddle away in his own band. Although he didn't pick up a guitar until he was 19, he was writing and singing music long before then.

Born and raised in Brenham, Texas, Robbie was a closet musician. Shy by nature, he often had to be coerced by his friends into getting up onstage and performing at dances.

Upon graduation from high school, Robbie didn't know what he wanted to do, and enrolled in junior college. Rather than listening to his professors, he found himself writing lyrics in class. He quickly realized that music was his first love and decided to pursue it as a career. He bought his first guitar and taught himself to play. After a couple of months, he was able to write the music for his first original songs.

He quickly pulled together a garage band and began playing for friends and family. Soon after, they had booked gigs across Washington and surrounding counties. Robbie signed with a local agent and went to Nashville to record his first demo album. His music career looked to be taking off, but after a couple of years of sporadic shows and little press, Robbie decided to take a break and parted ways with his manager.

After a five-year hiatus, Robbie is back on the scene with renewed vigor and a musical fire that won't soon be quenched. He realized that although the past few years haven't been easy, he's been given a gift, and it's up to him to do something with it. He says he's matured a lot since he first picked up that guitar, and his past experiences have made him savvy to the ways of the business.

Musically, his voice is stronger, smoother and has more range, and his repertoire of new music will take us back to the days of Merle Haggard and Hank Williams, Sr. A more traditional artist, Robbie's classic country, with creative lyrics and a heavy influence of fiddle and steel guitar, create a sound not heard in years. Although he's been in the business almost a decade, Robbie is a relative newcomer, and an emerging artist to watch for years to come.


2004 "Tough In Santa Fe" EP
(Ignition Records)

Set List

Typical First Set:

1. Adios Goodbye (Robbie Wooten)
2. Diggy Diggy Lo (Doug Kershaw)
3. Right Where I Was Wrong (Bill Blakenship/Robbie Wooten)
4. Kawliga (Hank Williams, Sr.)
5. She Hit Me Where It Hurts (Robbie Wooten)
6. Drinkin' Thing (Gary Stewart)
7. Neon Moon (Brooks & Dunn)
8. Anything But A Broken Heart (Robbie Wooten)
9. Kiss An Angel Good Morning (Charlie Pride)
10. Little Dose Of You (Robbie Wooten)
11. Lonely Cowboy (Clay Self/Robbie Wooten)
12. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down (Merle Haggard)
13. Tough In Santa Fe (Robbie Wooten)
14. Linda On My Mind (Conway Twitty)
15. Dallas (Brian Collins/Robbie Wooten)
16. Amarillo By Morning (George Strait)
17. Heaven Get Ready (Robbie Wooten)
18. If The House Is Rockin' (Stevie Ray Vaughan)