Robb Justice

Robb Justice


My music comes straight from my mind and soul, and is a true expression of my life and this world we live in.


My goal is to express the real reason we as human beings truely love music. Going back to my roots and looking deep within myself. The latest album I recorded(Waiting For The Sun To Shine) has alot to do with one amazing word; LOVE. Not just the love for a partner but for all brothers and sisters.


Right now I have recorded two albums (I've Made It This Far, and Waiting For The Sun To Shine). Still working on getting them out there.

Set List

Almost all originals, typically 10-15 songs a set. Some song titles are:
We Are The Children, There Must Be A Reason I'm Here, A Time And A Place, Waiting For The Sun to Shine, Cold Cold Wind, My Life Would Never Be The Same, ect...