Robby Melendez

Robby Melendez


Singer/Songwriter with pop sensibilities. Melodic overtunes within a rock background. Can do solo acoustic shows, duo acoustic shows, or full band shows depending on the venue or event.


Robert Anthony Melendez was born in New York City but has called Oklahoma City home for most of his life. Robby always gravitated towards music as a child and would lip sync to the La Bamba soundtrack pretending a racquet ball racket was a guitar. It wasnt until he saw Eric Claptons unplugged that Robby became serious about playing music. Robby borrowed his cousins guitar and began to learn the instrument. Robby has been fortunate enough to be in two great bands (Fossil and Sub Roza) with great friends and musicians. These days Robby is out on his own pursing his music. Songwriting has always been something Robby has enjoyed and he now has the opportunity to play and sing his songs for all to hear.



Written By: Robby Melendez

One sweet dream. That's all it takes and I'm back there to the place. Where we first meet. Just you and me ain't it funny how good and fast it was. Well maybe fast.

There's that bitter laugh again in the same old dream but I'm not really sure what it means anymore. And everytime I see her face and all the things she said well it makes me laugh it seems funny now. Ain't it funny now.

You made me get on the rollercoaster I strapped in for the ride. For a while. But now it seems you've got better things to do with your time. Then mess with me.

I was living in the moment. Now it's gone and I'm okay. I was living in the moment now its gone.


Written By: Robby Melendez

Parade around town in your horse drawn carriage. You love the idea of your pre-arranged marriage don't you? But don't worry baby I won't tell your secrets and you know that you hide the darkness so well.

And you won't see me.

You love the nightlife and all that it brings with all your plastic friends you love the company your in. Cigarette in one hand in glass in the other a carbon copy of your sophisticated mother. You are.

And you won't see me.


Kaleidoscopic Sounds-LP

Set List

Set list consists of 60% /40% originals to covers. Typically do 3 sets of about an hour each. Covers range from (Classic Rock)-The Police, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd to (modern) Foo Fighter, Pete Yorn, etc...