Rob Cannillo and Friends Band

Rob Cannillo and Friends Band


Rob Cannillo's songs and concerts are gutty, gritty, thought provoking and entertaining. You will leave the show feeling uplifted and satisfied. Passionate and sung from the soul, what he sings IS true.


After a life altering event in 2000, Rob Cannillo has gone on to release two CDs of original songs. He has performed in many top clubs in the Northeast, he has taken a 3600 mile tour to raise money and awareness for cancer, he has appeared on cable TV and he receives college radio airplay.
Rob's stories are real, delivered in a gritty, smokey vocal with an abundance of soul. People identify with Rob, his songs, and the feelings he portrays. Rob is an accomplished performer and puts the audience at ease. His band is talented and approachable. Together they put on a highly entertaining show.


Evil Falls

Written By: Rob Cannillo

"Goodness slapped me across my face,
It said littleman what you afraid of this is your race,
it took me so long ta achieve,
the happiness that I once could not concieve"

It's high time I quit my evil ways,
It high time I broke on through my haze

I can Hear You Callin"

Written By: Rob Cannillo

"On this highway that we call life,
you will witness greed and rage,
you'll be tempted to look away now,
but we must not turn the page,
and you you will witness pure kindness, tender lovin'
in God's name!

I can hear you callin'
Baby heed this warnin'
It's not too late for us!


The Long Road Home - CD released in 2002

"Love in Your Eyes" and "Glorious Winners" receives radio airplay

What Life Can Be - CD released in 2005
"God Will" receives radio airplay

Documentary "The Long Road Home" detailing Rob's 3600 tour to raise money and awareness for cancer and the making of the CD "The Long Road Home" now on DVD

Set List

What Life Can Be
Evil Falls
The Weight (The Band)
I Can Hear You Calling
Hard Times, Good Times
Knocking on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan)
Can't Lose What You Never Had (Muddy Waters)
Love In Your Eyes
Rusty Old Nail
Baby Hold On
Thrill is Gone (BB King)
Drum Solo - optional
Love Struggle
Lone Wolf
God Will
Southbound (Allman Brothers)

Move Yourself to Love
Whipping Post (Allman Brothers)
All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)

Typical show lasts 2 hours with no breaks