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Rob Cobain

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Rob Cobain is the future of Hip Hop. A blend between OutKast, Nas with a twist of Nirvana makes him one of the most original and exciting acts you will ever hear. He is the sound of the new millennium


Rob Cobain is one of the most unique MC's the world has ever seen; a free spirited anomaly in an industry full of replicas. Those who have had a chance to meet him personally can immediately detect his high caliber as an artist even before hearing his material. Few African American Hip Hop recording artists profess a musical background as diverse as Cobain does. His influences span from the expected (LL Cool J, Run DMC, OutKast) to the unexpected (Nirvana, Metallica, Gunz N Roses). The result of having such legends in music as his inspiration created an MC that transcends the genre; at the same time still very much a part of Hip Hop music and culture. In 2003 Rob Cobain formed the group renAgades with brother in law Low Key crediting a number of underground releases to their name. Joining Ryze Records in 2009 Rob Cobain is set to bring his music to the main stage. Anything Rob Cobain releases is destined to be a classic of the new millennium.


- First Things First The MixTape (2008)

- Rebel With A Cause (2009)

- Currently working on LP 'Ryze of the Renagade' to be released in 2010

Set List

Typical set list consists of: Renagade Girl - Xtacy - Bridging The Gap - I'm A Playa