Rob Cox / Waiting For Monday

Rob Cox / Waiting For Monday



Born in Visalia, California Rob Cox left shortly after his high school graduation to Cleveland, Ohio. After two-years of missionary service in Ohio, he moved back to California for a short time only to leave again for school in South East Idaho. There, Rob began writing music and performing regularly. He earned a bachelor of science degree in Communication. Returning back to California, Rob continued writing, recording and performing music.

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Rob Cox / Waiting For Monday

Written By: In Case You Change Your Mind

I lost my heart to southern california
a phone call on a 14 hour drive
and took my time, I didn't want to call yet
I didn't get to say whats on my mind

you'll be fine,
and I'll think about you only time will tell
will tell me that you're
gone, away, I'll save,
save a place for you in case you change your mind
I'll take my time

I lost my heart, to southern california
and maybe you will spare the time to write
it's not goodbye, it's wanting to be near you
it's wanting one more chance to clarify


Restoring the name of his college band, he and Kendall Brady recorded and produced a CD under the name “Waiting For Monday” with the album titled “Stand Alone.” The CD is currently available on iTunes, CDBaby, and just about everywhere music is sold online.