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"Keyboardist Rob Dasaro back on board local music train"

The adult version of Rob Dasaro isn't so far removed from the 12-year-old model of the mid-1970s. The current Dasaro, 39 years old, has the laugh and impish nature of an adolescent boy. Dasaro still loves to wander the mountains, just as he did as a child - though now, his mountain escapades come under the more responsible title of "ski patrolling," rather than "ditching class." And while both Dasaros spent nearly as much time making music as traipsing through the outdoors, there is a difference between the 12-year-old musician and the 39-year-old.

Over the decades, Dasaro has been at the center of two thriving music scenes, jammed with several rock luminaries, and been in some noteworthy bands. He may not remember the intricacies of Beethoven, but he has stretched his range vastly: Currently, Dasaro plays jamming rock as part of Seventh Hour - which plays Saturday, Oct. 16 at the Black Nugget in Carbondale, and Sunday, Oct. 17 at Aspen's Club Chelsea - and he has begun playing shows billed under his own name, where he dabbles in Latin jazz, standards and original instrumental music. This past summer, Dasaro released his first solo CD, "Songs for the Goddess," an album of keyboard-oriented pop-rock credited to Rob Dasaro and the Camaro. (It sounded good, explained Dasaro of the billing.) And to local music fans who remember the not-so-long-ago days when Aspen had a thriving club scene, Dasaro was part of the funk-rock outfit Monkey Train, perhaps the most successful Aspen band of the last 15 years.

Visit for the full article by Stewart Oksenhorn. - Aspen Times

"Trey delivers with 'Shine,' Phish food and new songs"

It’s hard to say where Anastasio is at the moment — other than an apparently joyous musician, who smiled throughout the show, hugged his bandmates at the close, and jammed with local band Seventh Hour at Club Chelsea afterward, to the delight of some 50 fans. The concert featured a bigger handful of Phish songs — including the crowd-pleasing “Waste,” part of a three-song acoustic segment. The “Shine” material didn’t produce any of the evening’s most memorable moments. It may be that Anastasio, with his prolific and fast-moving creative mind, is already beyond his recorded output. Two of the highlights were songs that have not been released; presumably that will be included on “Bar 17,” the Anastasio album slated for release later this summer.

Go to for the full article. Seventh Hour is one of Rob Dasaro's many bands currently playing in the Aspen area. - Aspen Times


"Tao Jones", The Joneses (1988).
"Timber Harvest", Monkey Train (1997).
"Songs for the Goddess", Rob Dasaro and the Camaro (2004) - Available at CD Baby.
"Rob Dasaro and the Camaro", Rob Dasaro (2009).



Rob Dasaro, also known as the Monkey, splits his time between his two passions, playing lots of music and ski patroling. Between New England and Colorado, Rob has performed with such acts as The Joneses, B.H.C.C. Jazz enemble, and Monkey Train. Musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar, Westside Story, and Love Janis. He has recorded and played multiple festivals and night clubs. He has jammed with Trey Anastasio, Warren Haynes, Leo Nocentelli, Tony Furtado, John Oates, Lyle Lovitt, Al Green's Band, Liquid Soul, Arrested Developement, Rusted Root, Sam Bush, and Tishamingo.