Austin, Texas, USA
SoloHip Hop

Ro'bee Stallings is a Hardworking Crowd pleaser that is hungry for any opportunity to entertain a live crowd with his story telling imagery of his music.


Robert “Ro’bee” Stallings was born september 7th 1990 in Detroit, Michagan. He has been involved with music since his early years. From 1991 to 2001 he grew up in Norfolk ,Virginia and during this time he spent much of his life in church. At the age of 10 he moved to Longview, Tx and it was at this point he learned to put together words in a poetic form. First learning how to “Flow” or freestyle. That style of rap and his love of poety catapulted him to write his own songs. While living in Texas he became deeply involved with music on a band level. While attending Judson Middle School he played in the Blue Devil band, the instruments ranged from Trombone, Baratone, and the Tuba. From 2005-2009 he attended Kilgore High School and further developed his talent as a lyrical arist. In 2008 he met Justin “Ca$h King” Landache and along with Trent “Trenton Haze” Walmack form the 903 Riders. This group made music for local listeners and in april of 2009 relased their first Cd featuring all three artist. Fall of that year due to beef with local artist Ro’bee relased an album with Ca$h king called the “2nd look”. In Spring of 2010 Ro’ bee Join a Group known as Greenhouse where he met other local artist such as Asd, Young B, Razilla, and Troop. After joining the group Ro’ bee Relased a mixtape called “the Challenge” that was aimed at all those that had doubted his talent. After Complications with Greenhouse Ro’bee and Kilgore High school Classmate Troop formed East Texas Entertainment. The group was later Joined by Ca$h King. the Label East Texas Entertainment has been making music and performing all over. Now after helping to create a record label he has been featured on other indie artist such as Markell Rain, Lucky Charm, Luckey, Big Reese.


Breakfast tyme-2009
903 riders-2009
The Challenge-2010
Ro'bee Stallings The EP-2013
Gaining Recognition The Mixtape-2013

Set List

2-3 microphones
Bottles of Water
a Table to set up for the sale of shirts and CDs
Dj with own equipment
$500 per hr of performance