Robert Allan Wrigley

Robert Allan Wrigley

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

You can’t pin it to one genre. Its like Bluegrass meets rock and roll and they agree to be best buds right away. Then, they decide to start a band with their other buddies country and folk.Rob Wrigley is a songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist. Watch for the new Album out in Spring 2011.


This summer will see the release of a new recording. Set for June 10th at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg mb.

Jam Rock, Bluegrass, Roots and Country music, Rob Wrigley is a songwriter, a song collector and a multi-instrumentalist (banjo/mandolin/electric and acoustic guitar). A musician for 22 years he has been on musical journey; writing about his experiences and exploring sounds through his influences such as Bill Monroe, Grateful Dead, Phish, and Widespread Panic, the Band, Little feet, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and much more.

In 1995 Rob was a cofounder of Winnipeg Jam Band Furthur. Some of that groups successful members included Scott Nolan, Chris Frayer, Remi Shand and Neil Chippendale.1997 saw the release of their first full length cd- Fink. In 2000 Rob began playing the banjo and was part the Bluegrass collective known as Uncle Louis. They recorded a cd of traditional Bluegrass music before Rob moved to Victoria B.C. in 2002. There he co-formed a traditional Bluegrass group called Four Chords of Wood who are still performing with a new banjo player and gaining notoriety as B.C.’s top Bluegrass group. While on the Island, Rob also performed with The Salty Dawg’s. This trio enjoyed touring around the Island and performing at street fairs and busking in down town Victoria. 2003 saw the release of his third cd – Thawed for your Convenience. Shortly after that release Rob and his wife Bobbie-jo moved back to Winnipeg to raise their identical twins Luc and Aidan. Rob co- formed another Bluegrass collective called the Pines which eventually became Stonypoint, a group which quickly gained great recognition in Southern Manitoba.

Most recently Rob recorded a full length Bluegrass cd with Stonypoint. While on a “break” he has decided to pick up his electric guitar and revisit some of his earlier influences. Performing electric with some acoustic side dishes he creates an energetic theme that is sure to get feet moving.

Some of the events that Rob has performed at with various groups over the years include:

West End Cultural Center’s 10th Anniversary -Winnipeg Mb.
Sooke River Bluegrass Festival- Sooke B.C.
Coombs Country Bluegrass Festival -Coombs B.C.
Cumberland jam Band Festival - Cumberlan B.C
Dauphin’s Country Fest- Dauphin Mb.
Brandon Folk Festival- Brandon Mb.
Back Fourty Folk and Arts Festival- Morden Mb.
Morden Corn and Apple Festival- Morden Mb.
Prairies Edge Bluegrass Festival- Beausejour M.b
Capital Ex- Edmonton Ab.
The Winnipeg Folk Festival (The Kerplunks)


Old Road

Written By: Robert Allan Wrigley

Old Road

If I walk down this old road for long enough to know
Long enough to know that this deal is getting cold
I don’t need no one to tell me what I already know
The faster you burn the sooner your gonna blow

That day down at the cross roads, I had the Devil in my sight
I made my own way down here now I stand alone to fight
I don’t need no protection, I bin down that road before
The closer you get, the higher your gonna go


I’m gonna to make a clean run
I’m gonna get me what I need
Cause there ain’t nothing left to lose hear
But an cold forgotten dream

Could this day get any darker the sun won’t even shine
The wind won’t stop its blowing and its raining all the time
If you think you got a problem you ain’t living on a dime
Or sleeping in a hole with no place to go


I’m gonna to make a clean run
I’m gonna get me what I need
Cause there ain’t nothing left to lose hear
But an cold forgotten dream


Furthur- Fink 1997
Uncle Louis- 2002
The Salty Dogs-Thawed for your Convenience 2003
Four Chords of Wood-Live 2003
Population 436. I have 2 songs in the movie.
Stonypoint- Stonypoint-2007
New Record set for release- 2011 (spring)

Set List

A typical set would be about 45 min. to an hour. We play mostly original music- 59 Chevy, Stand Tall Old Road, Stay CLose to Home, Boulder, Sleeping on Sunday Growing Cold, Lonesome Wind.

A few covers like Whiskey River (Willy Nelson) Free Falling (Tom Petty) Big River (Johnny Cash)