Robert A. Presley

Robert A. Presley

 Dayton, Ohio, USA

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But I Did

Written By: Robert A. Presley

But I Did
Words and Music by
Robert A. Presley

Didn’t mean to cry last night
And fall apart
Didn’t mean to be so weak
And lose my heart
Didn’t mean to crawl into a bottle
And stay there hid
Didn’t mean to cry last night but I did

Didn’t want to see it end
And watch you go
Guess I waited too late
To let you know
Someone had to play the fool
It looks like I’m it
Didn’t want to see it end
But I did
It seems like forever is over and done
Time stood still at the moment
It ended before it begun

Didn’t want to lose the life
I thought you made complete
Thought you were my chance
To be redeemed
Wanted to build up something
It was a simple wish
Didn’t want to lose this life
But I did

Copyright 2011
By R. A. Presley