Roberta Sparrow

Roberta Sparrow

 Urbana, Illinois, USA

We are a punk/hardcore band influenced by Decendents to Sick Of It All to even Thursday very open minded and raw, and our lead singer is the drummer come on know you try that it not easy.


From the ashes of Vice Dolls, comes Roberta Sparrow... Founded by former members of central Illinois hardcore/punk band, the Vice Dolls, and an ex-member of Champaign punk quartet, Decimation, Roberta Sparrow does not fade in light of past accomplishments. Hailing from an indie- rock saturated scene in their hometown of Champaign, IL, Roberta Sparrow has thrived since its conception in 2004 without the benefit of an established hardcore scene. The band tours as much as possible and they recently recorded a new record with Matt Talbot of Hum at Great Western Recording studio The bands blend of hardcore punk, and DIY work ethic has kept the spirit of Midwest Hardcore alive. When the trio was faced with the daunting task of finding a drummer lead vocalist Greg Jaeger stepped up. In the vein of UnderOATH, Atreyu and from autumn to ashes, Jaeger takes it one step further in the role as lead vocalist; He performs without the benefit of a frontman to shoulder some of the vocal leg-work all while blasting away at breakneck speeds behind the drums. Bassist Chris Meinart and Guitarist Justin Scoffield blend their distinctive styles and voices to create a unique combination that defines Roberta Sparrow's original sound. Their furious style, heartfelt lyrics and massive presence has created a noteworthy buzz in their hometown and beyond


2006 Roberta Sparrow S/T Cd EP
CU On The Streets Local CD compilation
Roberta Sparrow- Bloods Been Shed EP

Set List

we do 9 to 10 song sets that are about 20 to 30 minutes, we keep it this way unless the club venue needs more time then we do have enough songs to play an hour if need be