robert blanchet

robert blanchet


I love to compose music, bringing elements of soul and pop to my recordings


uning a « Beautiful Dream » into radio-chart reality.
Shania Twain, Daniel Bedingfield and Faith Hill were blazing the national AC charts and out from the indie world came an unsuspected northern artist who turned his imaginative sweet single « Beautiful Dream » into radio-chart reality ;

Hitting the number three spot on billboard, two spots beneath Shania Twain, Robert Blanchet’s tune of escapism - where real love and happiness can only be found within the beautiful confines of a dream - was charted as the third song most picked up by radio stations across the country that week. (Canadian Network Magazine).

Robert Blanchet appears in Canadian Network Music Magazine's AC (Adult Contemporary) radio chart.
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Song: "Beautiful Dream"

Set List

I write my own material. Set list, one hour