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"Rolling Stone"

"The Dream of rock and soul music living together happily ever after remains with Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise."

--2002 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine

"(Time to Discover)... proceeds as though the coolest job in town is rocking your neighborhood block."

--April 13, 2000 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine

- Various


"The perfect song for the end of the summer, and the down-home feel is great for hangin' around and just relaxing to the grove."

--September 16, 2000 issue of Billboard Magazine

Top Independent Albums on Billboard
#38 Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise

--February 23, 2002 issue of Billboard

It's a safe bet that Robert Bradleys is flashing a wild grin and a sparkle in each of his cloudy, opaque eyes.

--Wes Orshoski, January 12, 2002 issue of Billboard Magazine

"Robert's got an interesting style," says Scott Arbough, PD at Boulder, Colo.-based KBCO, "He certainly commands that R&B/blues thing quite well. And, ya know, he's fun to watch in concert."

--Wes Orshoski, January 12, 2002 issue of Billboard Magazine

Of his fiery performances, Bradley says, "that's one of the most joyful time I have-it makes me forget about blindness."

--Wes Orshoski, January 12, 2002 issue of Billboard Magazine

- Billboard

"Detroit Free Press"

"There's no doubting that Bradley and his crew have held tightly onto rock's holy grail, half a decade after stumbling onto it. Let the winds of pop style blow where they will, there's a reason they call this stuff timeless."

--April 4, 2000 issue of Detroit Free Press Newspaper
- Time to Discover

"MTV News"

“Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise, whose single is the rollicking "Train," will spread the love on a national tour.”

“On their latest, New Ground, the Blackwater Surprise embrace pop and hip-hop styles, like the record scratches and haunting reverb on "Profile," the groovy chorus ("Motion of the ocean/ Free my soul") on "Ride My Wave," and the conversational tone of "Lindy."”

--February 6, 2002 in MTV News
- Corey Moss on New Ground

"Entertainment Weekly"

“Robert Bradley hooked up with some young Detroit rockers to form the Blackwater Surprise, with compelling results. On Time to Discover, the ballad ''Tramp'' exemplifies their strange old-fashioned-soul-meets-pop-rock synthesis.”

--March 31, 2000 issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine
- Tony Scherman on Time to Discover

"Las Vegas Weekly"

"With one note, Robert Bradley can have your soul in a submission hold.... Time to Discover is one of those albums that's more cherished than listened to."

--March 23, 2000 issue of Las Vegas Weekly - Time to Discover

"The Music Box"

“T.J. Simon's #25 album for 2002”

“The album’s best track is the lovely piano ballad Exist for Love — undoubtedly the most soulful song of this young century.”

“Robert Bradley is not a blues man. Instead, he sings soulful, jamming, classic-sounding rock ’n‘ roll.”

“More often than not, the music on his 2002 release New Ground sounds like Peter Gabriel or Randy Newman, and at times he’s reminiscent of Ray Charles.”

--February 2003, Volume 10, #2 issue of The Music Box Magazine
- T.J. Simon on New Ground


5 out of 5 stars for album - Still Lovin' You


"New Ground intersects Motown-flavored arrangements and hard-core Detroit garage rock. And that intersection is my idea of heaven."

-- Dave Marsh, Playboy Magazine
- Dave Marsh


“5 out of 5 stars. Take a dash of gospel, a pinch of blues, toss in a few alternative rockers and the resulting concoction is nothing short of brilliant. This certainly sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it is real and true and has proven to be one of the most unique sounds in rock in the last decade.” - Time to Discover


Newest Album on Quarter2Three Records
Produced by Bruce Robb
Available 2009

What About That: New Year's Eve in Bloomington
Live Show Recorded at The Bluebird, Indiana
Kufala Recordings - 2006

Relix Magazine Music Sampler July 2006 [CD] [IMPORT] [COMPILATION]
(featuring "Once Upon a Time")
Relix - 2006

Lackawanna Blues Soundtrack
(featuring Robert Bradley's "Dark Road," "Something Inside Me," & "Down on Me"*)
*Duet with Macy Gray
Produced by Bruce Robb
HBO Films/Vanguard Records - 2004

Still Lovin' You
Produced by Bruce Robb
Vanguard Records - 2003

It'll Come to You - The Songs of John Hiatt
(Compilation featuring "It'll Come to You")
Vanguard Records - 2003

New Ground
Vanguard Records - 2002

Monitor This February/March 2002
(Compilation featuring "Train")

Wish You a Merry Christmas [LIMITED COLLECTOR'S EDITION]
(Rare 3 Tack CD Single)

KFOG Live from the Archives 8 (Limited Edition) [LIVE]
Compilation featuring "Baby" recorded live in studio
KFOG - 2001

KBCO Studio C Volume 12
Compilation Live In KBCO (Boulder, co) Radio Studio (featuring "Baby" recorded live)
KBCO - 2000

Time to Discover
RCA - 2000

RCA - 1999

Believing in Detroit:A Tribute to Vladdy and Sergei [CD] [LIMITED EDITION] [COMPILATION] [ORIGINAL RECORDING]
(featuring "Shake It Off")
JFW - 1998

Authorized Bootleg: Live
Limited Edition CD Featuring 4 Live Tracks
RCA - 1997

Authorized Live [SINGLE]

Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise
RCA - 1996



Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise: Out of the Wilderness
Five years after the last studio record, Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise delivers Out of the Wilderness for 2009. The long-awaited album is the fifth major release from the blind artist who illuminates his listeners with his lyrical and musical vision.

"This record brings me back to the time when I started out wanting to be a singer-songwriter, where the music did not need the New York Philharmonic to make it real. It's just me at the piano with the musicians around me finding my groove. I wanted to do a record and just be Robert and sing straight like Jim Reeves on "Put Your Sweet Lips a Little Closer to the Phone." I wanted to do a record that was innocent. That's why I say Out of the Wilderness because it is like I've just been born," explains Bradley.

Across an intriguing selection of new material, Robert performs with a passionate sincerity whether the subject is his daughter leaving home for the first time in the unusually up-tempo "Beautiful Girl," or his yearning for true love in the achingly romantic "Gotta Find a Woman," or his heartfelt longing for his home in the ballad to his state "Alabama," or just a brother living in "Americaland." The ten song emotional journey exposes Robert doing what he does best - captivate with his unmistakable soulfully expressive voice that is deepened by a sense of his hard-won personal life experience.

A year in the making, Out of the Wilderness showcases a brilliant collaboration between artist and producer with Bradley's raw authentic spirit equally matched by one of music production's purists. Producer Bruce Robb's vintage analog recording techniques and a musician's soul create the sublime sonic landscape that pairs the rich gospel-honed vocals and bluesman's undressed piano style with superlative musicianship by guitarists Matthew J. Ruffino and Zachary Throne, bassist Larry "Bones" Dennison, drummer Oscar Seaton, percussionists Craig Krampf and Scot "Little" Bihlman, and Robb himself on B3 and Wurlitzer.

"What makes this record really unique is that it is coming from a place that is pure feel and that is not easy to do. Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles: there just aren't that many of them. It takes a special kind of artist, and that's what makes this record so honest. It's that irresistible groove," describes Robb.

With the added magic of being one of the final recordings from the famous Cherokee Studios, the resulting album is best described as classic Rhythm and Blues that is remarkably contemporary, and everything a listener and fan can hope for.

The songs "Love You in the Daytime," "Cryin' My Eyes Out," and "Everybody Wanna Party" are featured in the motion picture "Love N' Dancing" starring Amy Smart and Billy Zane due in US theatres May 2009.

Alabama Governor Bob Riley has awarded Robert Bradley a Certificate of Commendation for the song “Alabama,” which was formally dedicated to the state. To read or download a copy of Robert Bradley’s dedication letter, please visit the official website.

Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise will begin touring extensively throughout 2009.

Album Details
Format: Audio CD
Release: 2009
Label: Quarter 2 Three Records
Music: Composed by Robert Bradley with Matthew J. Ruffino, (and Henderson Higgins on "Cryin' My Eyes Out")
Lyrics: Available on EPK
Publishing: Quarter 2 Three Publishing (BMI)