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Robert Burgess


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Goin to a Party

Written By: Robert Burgess

Goin To a Party

Back from the dead
Ive got stories to tell
about passing up heaven
to get down in hell
salvation flows free
from my fifth of JD
and my mind switches off
as im headin to the party

Front row, lights low
Gotta keep it slow
Body's up on stage
But my head's out the window
No show, gotta go
Gonna feel the flow
MC's the key
Just chillin at the party

Tense out my mind
craving sweet release
So I ignite the light
As I search for peace
Body's feelin thirsty
Eyes are gettin glossy
Get loose till the end
Sittin back at the party

Lights, sound
Bodies lyin all around
Sundown as I rise
From the underground
Head startin to pound
Crawlin into town
Gonna drown
Gotta find another party

Would I earn some peace of mind
If I learned to leave this life behind?