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Robert Burton Hubele


Band Blues Singer/Songwriter


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"Spain Loves "Three Little Words""

A huge vocal suppleness and spicy guitar solos from and artist with a great sensibility who combines with imagination and quality blues and jazz together with pop influences, which gives as a result a relaxed bright and colorful music. Robert abilities can be appreciated not only on his performing but also on his natural gift as song writer with so suggestive tunes like ‘The Only One’, Your Baby’s Tears’ or ‘The Human Heart’. Robert Burton Hubele unpretentioulsy tells us from his own experience different stories about love and human conditon. always giving a positive message full of love, understanding and hope. VERY GOOD    - Vincente Zumel, "La Hora del Blues" Barcelona, Spain.

"CD Offers "Classical"Hubele ingredients."

“Our favorite troubador from BC...entertainment with a Huge capital E.  This CD offers the 'Classical' Hubele ingredients: strong, very strong songs, a deep roaring expressive voice, solid guitar playing, and lyrics that tell stories. It's pretty much an effort that leaves you breathless."                 - RootsTown Free E-zine, Belgium, Feb. 2002

"Canada should be proud of her rowdy bad boy!” "

“This guy could sing the phone book and make it sound delicious.Outside of his obvious songwriting talents,Hubele has an engaging sense of humour that peeks through on some of the cuts.....  Yes, Canada should be proud of her rowdy bad boy!”
- Independent Songwriter Magazine, Jan. 2002


"PICK OF THE WEEK. Hubele's music is jazzyrhymefolkycountryprairieblues in one word. A best kept Canadian secret - he takes you on a musical journey of boundless possibilities.”   
- Real RootsCafe Radio, Milligen-An-Der-Rhine, Holland

"Italy Loves 'Three Little Words'"

"Three Little Words" is the kind of works I really like a lot, the one starting from a precise musical point, in this case the blues, and then adding more and more elements until reaching a highly individual style. The mixture of blues, jazz and pop of "Three Little Words" is some of the subtler music I heard in recent times, and it is also extremely pleasant and appealing as well as wonderfully sung and played. Therefore I did not hesitate to play that CD in my radio show of American folk and roots music and even if so far I only played a couple of tracks, as you can see from some recent playlists here enclosed, more will be surely aired in the next weeks!Massimo Ferro

Radio Voce Spazio
San Michele
Italy - Massimo Ferro - Radio Voce Spazio Radio Voce Spazio

"Amsterdam Radio Loves Robert!"

Thanks very much for sending us your Three Little Words CD.
This is the kind of music art we always hope to get.

We've chosen 10 out of the 11 tracks. And all 10 will be played

We will include this album in our 'Blue Ears 25 on high Rotation'.

So you'll get regular promotion for at least 3 months.

A link and a picture of the cover are already placed on our site.

We expect to play your CD from the 8th of November 2004 on.

Best regards
and hope to see you 'live' in the future - whenever possible
- Blue Ears Radio of Amsterdam


Tracks "Wild Alberta Rose" & "Bye Bye Baby" on the soundtrack of the New Sci-Fi Thriller "Painkiller Jane" on the Global TV Network and Sci-Fi Television.
Track "Life Is Good" on the soundtrack of the Motion Picture "Barstool Words", a CanAmerican Releasedue out this fall.
"Through The Wild Country"in TVs Hit Series "Higher Ground: Episode; 'Falling Up', in syndication on many networks.
My Vocals on the Track "Where Zorro Goes" Released Jan. 2007.
CD "One" from Company 125
Writer Kennedy O'Brien
Calgary, AB

CD Catalogue
Three Little Words
Hubele Arts Independent Music Company

The Human Heart                 
Foff Records, 2001 FRCD0401

Halfway To Everywhere
Foff Records, 1998 FRCD0220

When The Sky Falls
Foff Records, 1995 FRCD0219

Robert Burton
Attic / A&M, 1988 Cat. 1245

That Man (Winner, Canadian Songwriting Contest)
Independent cassette, 1984

CD Compilations
Coaldust Grins
Cambria Publishing, 1999       
Song: Jenkin Evans

Living On The Land                    
Adfarm Agency, 2000              
Songs: Wild Alberta Rose, Deliver Me

Made In Alberta                 
Karo Design Calgary, 2003
Song: Red Wine

The Sexiest Songs On MP3
MP3 compilation CD, 2003
Song: Red Wine



At the core of Robert Burton Hubele is his immense gift to create and tell stories, both as a songwriter/performer and as an author of short stories.
While Robert's sound draws comparisons to such distinguished artists as Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Robbie Robertson, he possesses his own uniquely distinct style. His unmistakable vocal character boils and bubbles from within. The warm enveloping sound of a life well lived.
With 6 CDs to his credit, Robert is an accomplished recording artist and seasoned performer. His fan base spans the world. His music speaks to all ages.
Robert has received critical acclaim and radio airplay in 13 countries, including the U.S.A. and Australia.
Recently transplanted to Vancouver, Robert is now inspiring audiences locally and around the world performing his music as a solo, trio, or full band ensemble.