Robert Desmond Band

Robert Desmond Band


Uncommon yet familiar is the Robert Desmond Band in describing it's music. Versatility is one of the key things to the bands succes in gaining fans. Music that will get you, drive you and sweep your feet away.


A Toronto/G.T.A. based band finally formed in the late fall of 2006. It all started a few years ago when Desmond saw Ian’s great raging solo performance at the Hard Rock Café in downtown Toronto. Ironically the multi talented Matt is the drummer for Ian’s cover band and at the same time Matt is an mc for his own hip-hop crew project. Now, Jason is both amazingly a guitarist and a keyboard player that is friends with Ian and Matt. After a long search for the right players, it finally ended with Dave Hodges as the best drummer for R.D.B., his metal music drumming background made learning new songs peanuts, it took him a week to learn the whole fuckin’ album! Desmond, singer/songwriter for the band has a laid back yet spontaneous personality, always cool headed and all smiles. His shy-silent type persona off stage is the worst you can get but vast emotions that runs underneath his skin gets him inspired for making music, moved by people around him and real dramas in life. He’s musical influences are orchestral music, Electronica, Metal, Rock, Pop, Jazz and music that are in between.
With melodic tunes so catchy it's contagious, Robert Desmond Band offers a sound that is familiar yet different. Many different things can be said about RDB's music and the band simply can't be labelled with a single genre based on one song alone. The band takes aspects from different genres and coalesces them into original songs like "All The", which features club-stomping beats and heavily-distorted guitars giving it a techno-hardcore edge. "Piano in the Dark" is a dark ballad in the minor key with a groove that will send your heart pumping in a different way. "What You Gonna Do" is a slow, atmospheric trance tune with a mixture of heavy guitars that build up to a spectacular climax. For a pop-rock tune that both young and old can sing along to, check out "Easy Boy". Robert Desmond Band consists of four main members but due to additional sounds and dependent on the venue, the band occasionally hires other musicians and DJ's to do the deed. RDB's music is easy to digest; its unique progressive sound, guitar-driven music and the occasional use of piano and string instruments give their tunes a sweet, classic sound.


Show Me

Written By: Robert Desmond B.

Something you look upon.
Stare at nothing breaks me down
Slowly we talk about
your given meaning to bring me down

What I want to see get up on your knees
Move it ahead (2x)
-Show me what you got
Man of nothing inside out
Show me to love again
Man of nothing try again

I will make it out. Far too driven
Strength abound.
Completely we scream and shout
This new beginning
Won’t bring us down

What I want to see get up on your knees
Move it ahead (2x)
-Show me what you got
-Man of nothing inside out
-Show me to love again
-Man of nothing try again (2x)

Easy Way Out

Written By: Robert Desmond B.

Easy Way Out – R.D.B.
(intro 1)
Let’s Get Out Of Here, Somewhere Far Away.
I Want to Disappear From The World We Live In
A Place Of Paradise Crawling In My Mind.
Visions In My I, What I Am Dreaming.
Can’t Get In Can’t Get Out, Find Another Way.
It’s No Easy Way Out, Out The Mess We Make.
(intro 1)
I Watch The Bullet Spin, Hoping We Could Win.
A War That Can’t Be Seen, Fight Within Us.
I Let Myself Go, To The Only One.
Mend My Heart Again And Make Me See.
(syncopated break)
Can’t Get In Can’t Get Out, Find Another Way.
It’s No Easy Way Out, Out The Mess We Make.

All Around When Walls Are Closing In, Have No Fear.
I’ll Find A Way, Watch The Bullet Spin.
We Will Win.

Can’t Get In Can’t Get Out, Find Another Way.
It’s No Easy Way Out, Out The Mess We Make. (2x)
It’s No Easy Way Out, I’ll Find Another Way.
No Easy Way Out, I’ll Find Another Way.

Easy Boy

Written By: Robert Desmond B.

Easy Boy - R.D.B.

As you know we’re face to face. Like a mirror in any place
When you kiss upon disgrace. Bliss evaded
Shed of hand you sold the world. To a point of no return
As a marionette dispelled. Ghastly wasted.

A little bit I try to swallow. Beautiful things erases sorrow
But I never understood this guilt.
Easy Boy. Is that all you got to say to a man
That has nothing left but space.

Screams of thunder seek the shores.
Of every corner rattle mourns
I speak to you in iron fist. Yet sedated

(pre ch + chorus + gtr adlib)

Flair to hurt given too mean
Heavens fallen whips the scene
Rage from hell sings sweet to kill
the never ending

(pre ch + chorus)


Set List

1. Just Pretending
2. Come Home To Me
3. Easy Way Out
4. Set Me Free
5. Show Me
6. Flow
7. Victabuse
8. I Wanna Be With You
9. Easy Boy
10. Sometimes
11. What You Gonna Do
12. Cruel