Robert DiMaio Group

Robert DiMaio Group


If Eric Johnson and Tori Amos had a baby who grew up to marry Jeff Beck and Bjork's child and they had a baby who was highly expressive and a little funky, it might sound like the Robert DiMaio Group.


Robert DiMaio grew up in Western New York. He moved to Boston in 1995 and studied Composition and Performance at Berklee College of Music. He moved to Asheville, NC in 1999 where, in 2001, he formed Hiding Place Records as a means to release and promote his own music. Robert's debut solo effort is "Deepin the Mystery." The music runs the gamut from guitar based virtuosity to Robert Frost narrated over a funk groove. Throughout Robert applies his "guitar with a vision" approach. Seth Davis and Jeff Manson just recently joined forces with Robert to bring "Deepin the Mystery" to live audiences everywhere. The Robert DiMaio Group is influenced by everything from Rush to Bjork to Gillian Welch to Wes Montgomery to Mississippi Fred McDowell and most things in between. They set themselves apart from everyone by staying true to their creative muse. They are mostly a Modern Instrumental band but don't call them a Jam Band. They pride themselves on creating thoughful compositions with intense performances that defy categorization. Intellectual music for the masses if you will.


Deepin the Mystery
Played on 106.9 KISS FM in New York

Set List

Most of the tracks off the Deepin the Mystery CD. Covers are usually instrumental classics from various artists.