Robert DiMaio & The Beauty Junkies

Robert DiMaio & The Beauty Junkies


Original modern istrumental music with influences that range from Zappa to Hendrix, Coltrane to Hooker and most good things in between. It's Music that transcends categorization, but touches on the soul, heart, imagination and crotch of life.

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Deepin The Mystery-2004
Robert DiMaio & The Beauty Junkies-2007

Set List

Here In This World, Running From Samsara, Ridin' Above, Down That Devil's Trail, Tongue, Imagine Your Lover, Dream, Zen Garden, Bursting of The Clouds, Brand New Life, Missing Piece, And So It Goes, Big Beautiful Soul, Chloe's Song

Covers:Anything from Hendrix, Jazz, Funk, Blues and Rock

Set is approximately 90 minutes