Robert Dubwise

Robert Dubwise

 Kingston, Kingston, JAM


Robert “Dubwise” Browne is one of Jamaica’s most prolific guitarists. He performed at the Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues festival in 2005 (main stage) and returned in January 2008 with an awe-inspiring performance on the Ocean Spray stage to a large and enthusiastic audience.

Robert is the executive producer of his debut CD, “Robert Dubwise: Birth” (Dubz House 2004). “Birth” is a pleasurable mix of reggae, contemporary jazz, rock and dancehall styles. Guest artists include famed saxophonist Dean Fraser and veteran guitarist Ernie Ranglin.

The name Browne is synonymous with Jamaican reggae music as the island’s name is with the sun, sand and having glorious fun.

Robert’s uncles, Cleveland “Clevie” Browne (of the famed duo Steely & Clevie) and Danny Browne are two of Jamaica’s best-known record producers/musicians. Their brother, Noel Browne is a much-respected musician/songwriter who arranges for top acts such as Freddie McGregor. Dalton Browne (Freddie McGregor’s musical director) is one of Jamaica’s top rhythm guitarists who is in constant demand by record producers across the island. Robert’s father, Glen Browne, does production on a smaller scale than his siblings, but is highly respected among his peers. Glen has toured for many years as a bass player for Jimmy Cliff, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Luciano, Monty Alexander and others.

Now, the younger generation of Brownes is emerging to carry on the tradition; among them is guitarist Robert “Dubwise” (or simply Dubz) Browne.

An incredibly talented musician, Robert has been making quite a name for himself on and off the music-happy island.

After graduating from the prestigious Jamaica College, Robert went straight into the family business of playing and producing music in 1993. Robert started out playing the drums, but switched to guitar under the influence of his twin brother, bassist Richard “Shams” Browne, an upcoming producer who has worked with T.O.K. and several other renowned artists.

Robert’s debut performance was in 1996, playing with the legendary Dennis Brown, who died three years later.

Throughout his career, Robert has honed his skills playing with world famous Jamaican jazz pianist Monty Alexander and other great musicians. Robert’s name and excellent reputation has brought him into contact with several high profile artists, including multiple Grammy winner and platinum selling vocalist Lauryn Hill.

Robert played on Ziggy Marley and the Melody Maker’s album “Free Like We Want 2 Be” (1995) and backed DJ Buju Banton on a number of occasions. Robert has also played on recordings for Joseph Hill (Culture), Burning Spear, Shaggy, Rayvon, Rik Rok and many other popular artists from his homeland.

Robert has toured extensively with Damian and Julian Marley, the sons of the late reggae icon, Bob Marley. Robert later met up with Shaggy’s sound engineer and learned that the DJ was looking for a new guitarist for his band. Robert was a natural and welcome replacement.

Robert joined Shaggy’s touring band in 1998 during a period of transition, after the success of his platinum selling “Boombastic” album and just before his multi-platinum release “Hotshot,” which eventually topped Billboard’s Top 200 Albums charts and sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

Robert played most of the guitar tracks on Shaggy’s latest album “Lucky Day,” released in October of 2002.

Dubz’ involvement with Big Yard/Valley Touring outfit (Shaggy’s Management/Production and tour company respectively) has allowed Robert the privilege to perform on all continents, exposing him to different cultures and musical genres worldwide. Robert feels that these experiences have given him the confidence to pursue his solo career doing what he does best—playing the guitar.

Now, everything looks quite positive and promising for this creative musician who aspires one day to make his own impression on the music market like so many of his talented relatives and contemporaries.


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