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Robert "Dubwise" Browne

Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica | Established. Jan 01, 2004

Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica
Established on Jan, 2004
Band World Reggae




"Robert 'Dubwise' Browne Launches Solo Career"

After touring and recording with Grammy-winning reggae-dancehall artiste Shaggy since 1998, acclaimed guitarist Robert 'Dubwise' Browne has decided to leave the band to focus all his energy on pursuing his solo career as an instrumentalist.

Browne's new project, Groovy Love Thing, is scheduled to be released independently in January 2015. Groovy Love Thing will be distributed by Zojak Worldwide digitally, and Browne is currently in discussions regarding distribution of physical copies of the CD.

"Although I've released two albums since working with Shaggy, I figured that this was the necessary step I had to take now towards being committed to my own music and career," said Browne. "Shaggy and Valley Touring Limited (his touring company) are disappointed with my decision, but they gave me their blessing and said if I should ever want to return, my position as guitar player in his band will be available."

As an essential part of his signature groove and crossover sound, Browne recorded with Shaggy on his albums Lucky Day (2002), Clothes Drop (2005), Summer In Kingston (nominated for a Grammy in 2012), and Out Of Many One Music (2013).

Now, Browne's first single, Groovy Little Thing, is set for release this month. The project is a compilation of popular Jamaican reggae songs from the past decade and is rearranged in what would be considered smooth jazz format.

Browne, whose influences include Jimi Hendrix, Lee Ritenour, and Joe Satriani, and who released his first solo album, the critically acclaimed, Robert Dubwise: Birth, in 2004, says, "I am happy with how the songs on Groovy Love Thing are turning out. It's been a while since I've put this much focus and energy in a project. My previous release was in 2010 (Electrifying Grooves Of DiVersion), and I'm excited to get it out for everyone to hear what I've done with these songs."


With the release of the single Groovy Little Thing, Browne will be launching his new website, which will feature information, photos, and songs from all of his albums for fans to hear, and they can also follow links to buy his products as well as links to his social media sites. It will also include concert dates and will be updated with new information periodically.

Browne hails from one of Jamaica's most prestigious musical families. His father, renowned bassist/producer Glen Browne, head of Island Treasure Records, has worked with everyone from Ziggy Marley to jazz greats Monty Alexander and Delfeayo Marsalis and is currently touring with Tarrus Riley. His twin brother, bassist Richard 'Shams' Browne, has produced some of dancehall's hottest rhythms. His uncle, producer Cleveland 'Clevie' Browne, was a member of the famed classic dancehall duo Steely and Clevie. Uncle Dalton Browne was influential in launching the Big Ship label with reggae great Freddie McGregor.

Throughout his illustrious career, Robert 'Dubwise' Browne has had the opportunity to tour the world, including opening for the Rolling Stones with Shaggy. He performed a solo set with his own band at Reggae Sunsplash 2006 in Ocho Rios. He has also toured and recorded with NBC's 'The Voice' season five winner, Tessanne Chin; Burning Spear; Jimmy Cliff; Toots Hibbert; Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers; Morgan Heritage; Monty Alexander; Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley; Julian Marley; Heather Headley; Beres Hammond; Tarrus Riley; Sly and Robbie; and more. In 1998, Browne made history by playing on Lauryn Hill's iconic album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which went on to win several Grammy awards, including Album of the Year. - The Gleaner (Jamaica)

"Robert Browne goes 'Dubwise' on lead guitar"

Robert Browne, musically known to the world as 'Dubwise', is just one of the many talented musicians to be born into the Browne family.

Dubwise, who is a known lead guitarist, says "Growing up seeing my father and uncles play was the biggest influence."

His uncles, Cleveland 'Clevie' Browne (of the famed duo Steely and Clevie) and Danny Browne are two of Jamaica's best-known record producers/musicians. Their brother, Noel Browne, is a much-respected musician/songwriter, who arranges for top acts like Freddie McGregor.

Dalton Browne (Freddie McGregor's musical director) is one of Jamaica's top rhythm guitarists, while Robert's father, Glenn Browne, has toured for many years as a bass player with Jimmy Cliff, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Luciano, Monty Alexander and others.

Now the younger generation of Brownes is emerging to carry on the tradition; among them the guitarist often simply called 'Dubz'.

Dubwise says he started out playing drums, with his twin brother, Richard 'Shams' Browne, on bass guitar. But his love for music could not keep him away from other instruments. "When I couldn't get to play drums I use to sit an jam a string instrument with him (Shams), until I decided to get a guitar from my uncle and jam with him. I think I was about nine or 10 that time," he said.

Who is who

As the brothers developed their talents as musicians, Dubwise says persons became confused as to who was who, as many were not aware that they were twins.

"More time people wi si mi an seh Shams wah gwaan an mi haffi seh no a nuh Shams dis. Because a lot of people never knew he had a twin. Wah happen, because Shams was managing T.O.K. and he was in their videos and he is a producer, artistes and other producers use to know him more," he explained.

Dubwise was more of the behind the scenes person, more into playing music for artistes.

"I used to play in a band for Dennis Brown and then from there I use to play for Damian Marley and after Damian, mi get a link to play with Shaggy's band in 1998. But for the past three years mi start juggle round more because more people start request mi and if Shaggy not doing anything then I am available," he said.

High school band

Playing music as part of a band is something that Dubwise had been doing from as early as his high school days at Jamaica College, but he says "This band was not one that people would know.

"In high school wi did have a little band, me (lead guitarist), my brother Shams on bass guitar, Red Rat deejay, and his brother Troy on drums, Dale Harrison on keyboard and the vocalist was Errol Bonnick, the guy weh sing fi Live Wyya now. But wi never really did anything while in school more than a few school fairs. We actually recorded an album, but that was never released due to finances," he said.

Things have changed, as Dubwise has performed in almost every major city in the world, playing with some of music's biggest names.

"Shaggy basically carry mi guh everywhere ... Africa, Australia, Japan, Russia, almost everywhere in Europe, China," he said. "It's nice to visit all these places where the culture is different. It's a nice experience. And since the other day, I was thinking that like black people couldn't walk freely in South Africa and like walking down the street or driving mi woulda seh 'yow, couple years ago this couldn't gwaan', so it's like an eye-opener and reality check."

Dubwise started working with Jimmy Cliff in 2005 and has also toured with Monty Alexander and Buju Banton. But, he says, "In Jamaica, I have worked with almost everybody, like in studio on their albums and so on." But it has got to the stage where "somebody ask mi who mi would a like play for an mi seh nobody. Mi si artiste an mi rate dem, but fi guh play fah? Because where I am in life now, I am trying to establish my individual career."

Honour for them

He, however, admitted, "it is a situation like me, Ernie Ranglin and Monty Alexander jamming, or like me and BB King on a show, any of the greats, it would be like an honour to share the stage with them."

As far as memorable performances go, Dubwise recalls "Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London, England. I went there with Monty Alexander. It is one of the biggest jazz clubs there and when you perform there, it's like the greatest thing."

Then there was "Sunsplash last year on the amphitheatre stage ... I didn't get a lot of patrons, but it was a lot of fun. Also, my first Jazz Festival out here in 2005. It was my first major performance as a solo artiste and that show is a very big show."

He, however, admits that usually he does the shows and tours "and then forget about them."

Many have described Dubwise's music as a fusion of reggae, rock, jazz and dancehall, especially on his first album, Birth. But he says "Most of the time I say I just play, but I know I am not a straight ahead jazz musician. But because of all these different influences come out in my playing, it's hard to really put a finger on one."

There are "influences like Jimmy Hendrix, Lee Ritenour, Joe Satriani, people like those. And obviously, Junior Marvin from The Wailers influence me a lot like playing-wise."

Dubwise says now, he is trying to focus more on developing his individual career, but "it's very, very hard to break away from playing for other artistes and focus on my individual career, because the bills haffi pay, and plus I like it." He says currently "I've just been trying to get more of what I do out there so people can know my work and my style of playing. I'm also working on a new album I started last year, but because of tours, I couldn't get to finish it. But it's a tribute to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff, so I do like covers from them that people know, putting a few originals in between.

"But I'm just trying to get on as much shows as possible and like most of the Caribbean countries have a jazz festival, so I've been trying to get links to get on some of them," Dubwise said. - The Gleaner (Jamaica)

"Guitarist does first gospel single"

Guitarist Robert 'Dubwise' Browne, best known for his work with Shaggy, is proud to announce the release of his first instrumental gospel single, 'You Make Me Stronger'.

It is the first single from Browne's upcoming, fourth full-length solo album, Elaine Marie, which will be released in October on the Electrifying Grooves Records label.

You Make Me Stronger is the perfect instrumental gem, whether you are praise dancing in church on Sunday morning or taking a few moments of meditation and regeneration. You Make Me Stronger is also a fine anthem for weddings, graduations and anniversary celebrations.

"The whole project is really in memory of my mom, who passed in 2016," said Browne. "You Make Me Stronger was one of her favourite songs, written and performed by one of her favorite Jamaican gospel artistes - Kevin Downswell. He did a rendition of the song at her memorial service, too," he said. "So besides the fact that I've also worked with Kevin on a couple of his shows and played on his records, You Make Me Stronger is special because it has a connection to my mom."

Browne said he's always considered himself somewhat spiritual.

"My gift of music came from a higher source, so I'm always grateful. But covering this particular song directly relates to my mom's passing," he said.

Browne is accompanied by some of Jamaica's finest musicians on the song, including Adrian 'Jerks' Henry (bass), Oliver 'Bliva' Thompson (drums) and Wade Johnson (piano and keyboards).

"I saw this band perform years ago at the Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues festival and I've wanted to work with them since then," said Browne. "They are a younger set of musicians than I am, but excellent nonetheless." - The Star (Jamaica)

"New releases to get you in the groove"

Groovy Love Thing — Robert “Dubwise” Browne

Guitarist Robert Browne delivers on the traditional smooth jazz output of modern Caribbean musicians by putting his electric guitar front and centre to assay the landscape of easy listening options. His is a sound and tone that can easily make fans of diehard purists. As the title of his new album suggests, the groove is solid on this set of ten instrumental tracks. The range of moods on this album spans from upbeat to contemplative. A compilation of popular Jamaican reggae songs from the past decade — including fellow Jamaican Tessanne Chin’s hit “Hideaway” and Maxi Priest’s “Close To You”, among others — gives this album an appeal that is nurtured by solid musicianship and quality production. Browne, who was the guitarist for dancehall crossover star Shaggy for a number of years, recently branched out on his own to pursue a solo career. This debut is a feather in his cap. - Caribbean Beat Magazine - Caribbean Playlist (July/August 2015)


Birth - Album (2004 CD, digital release 2010)
Electrifying Grooves Of DiVersion - Album (2010)

Groovy Love Thing - Album (2015)

Friends, Fruitcakes & Cocktials - EP (2015)

You Make Me Stronger - Single (2018)

Tears In Heaven - Single (2018)

Feliz Navidad - Single (2018)

Love You, Miss You (Feat. Gene Noble) - Single (2019)

Deck The Halls (Feat. Okiel McIntyre) - Single (2019)



Robert ‘Dubwise’ Browne has spent the greater part of the past two decades building up a name for himself among Jamaica’s burgeoning music and recording industries, and has indeed cemented a prime position as the go-to guitarist for a slew of notable projects. Such acts include the likes of world famous Jazz pianist Monty Alexander, and the sons of the late reggae icon Bob Marley -- Damian Jnr Gong Marley and Julian Marley. His talents have taken him across the globe, performing for Grammy-winning artists Shaggy and other high profile, chart-topping artists such as Diana King, Joe, Heather Headley, Maxi Priest, Sly & Robbie, Dennis Brown, and Tessanne Chin (Season 5 Winner Of NBC’s ‘The Voice’) to name a few.

At its core, Dubwise’s sound is marked by a trifecta of primary influences that fuse Jazz, Reggae and Rock. With a distinct ability to seamlessly weave in and out of moods, and an ear for incorporating the sum of his influences to any project he touches, Dubwise is sought after for his versatile, yet ‘vibe-forward’ playing style. Often described as the ‘quiet storm’ for his reserved ‘off-stage’ presence yet electrifying performances, Dubwise is one of those rare breeds that truly lives and breathes music. It is these qualities that have led to him gracing studios and stages around the world, and allowed him to flourish as a session musician, touring musician and producer.

“As soon as he touches the stage he transforms into a confident and commanding star - the music takes him over and all that he feels comes out through his fingers and he’s got your attention locked.” - Unknown Author

His guitar riffs are featured prominently on Ziggy Marley & The Melody Maker’s album ‘Free Like We Want 2 Be’ (1995), Grammy-winner and platinum selling vocalist Lauryn Hill’s album ‘Miseducation’ (1998), and a number of Shaggy albums including ‘Lucky Day’ (2002), ‘Summer In Kingston’ (2011), and ‘Out Of Many One Music’ (2013). He has also featured on Diana King’s ‘AgirLnaMeKING’ album (2010), Joseph Hill (Culture) and Burning Spear. More recently, he has played on Sting & Shaggy’s ‘44/876’, which won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album Of 2019.

“After working with other artists for most of my career as a musician and experiencing all there is from this perspective, I felt it was time to sing my own song - share what's inside me through my own music...” - Dubwise 

In 2004, Dubwise embarked on completing a personal milestone -- his debut solo album titled ‘ROBERT DUBWISE: BIRTH’, released on his Dubz House record label. The album featured the revered saxophonist Dean Frasier, as well as veteran guitarist Ernest Ranglin. In 2010, he followed up with his sophomore album, ‘ELECTRIFYING GROOVES OF DiVERSION’. In 2015, he released ‘Groovy Love Thing’, which saw extensive radio coverage and airtime, with the single ‘Groovy Little Thing’ receiving a phenomenal amount of plays on XM Radio since its release, and still receiving regular rotation today.

Last year saw the release of two singles ‘You Make Me Stronger’ and a cover of Eric Clapton’s ‘Tears In Heaven’ -- both of which will feature on his forthcoming album ‘Elaine Marie’.

His solo shows have seen him play at arenas and venues across the globe, with live performances at Jamaica Jazz & Blues, Reggae Sunsplash, The Blue Note Jazz Club (Tokyo), and ‘Jammin in Jamaica’, a Smooth Jazz event held at the Ritz Carlton, Montego Bay.