Robert E. Falvo

Robert E. Falvo


Singer/songwriter, pop/folk rock.


I was born in Toronto at Doctor's Hospital which used to be on College Street. I teach Highschool English in the city and I sometimes write songs in my spare time. This is the first time I've ever entered a songwriting contest. Even if I'm not selected as a finalist I still enjoyed the experience of writing with the city in mind and I look forward to hearing some of the other submissions.

Good luck to everyone.



For Love of Toronto

Written By: Robert E. Falvo

Been so long since I last saw you
I can never stay away
Couldn't stand to be without you
Still these feelings are the same

The years have shown how very much we've grown
You'll always be the greatest place I've ever known

From the Tower to the Gardens there's a heart that's beating strong
I could never leave you, no one can replace where I am from

We've both grown and how the years have shown
You'll always be the greatest place I call my home.

People grow to be rich with different cultures
To be green and proud, to be true north strong and free
(By the lake T.O. boasts a brilliant skyline through the night) *last chorus only
Through the streets and the snow shines the greatest light for love of Toronto