Robert Eldridge

Robert Eldridge

 Denver, Colorado, USA

. The versatile guitar playing style range includes everything from soothing ethereal compositions to nimble finger picking ditties. Currently focusing the style on neo-flamenco etc.....


Robert originally hails from Charleston, WV. He graduated from WVU in Morgantown, WV. He has been playing guitar for over 20 years in various bands. Robert considers his solo style of guitar an self-described thought provoking style of instrumentals called eclectic and mental guitar music. He has been featured on NPR, PBS, and various CD samplers throughtout the world. Currently lead guitarist for the Denver band Zeut. Past bands include: Big Time Raisin, Hippie House,and Acoustical Ambience to name a few. Has opened up for various national acts including: Acoustic Alchemy, Gato Barbieri, Big Head Todd and the Monsters,Arlo Guthrie,Kathy Mattea, Buddy Miles (former drummer of Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsy), , Craig Chaquico, Stanley Jordan, Michael Lington, and Disappear Fear.


1.Two Seasons of the Cerebellum(1991). 2.Music for NPR(2001)...Currently in the National Public Radios-database of "musical buttons" 3. Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music-solo guitar (Vol. 1 & 2)(2004) Ongoing PBS projects and independent films 2005/2006. Robert's composition ENLIGHTENED was featured on Episode 6 the Reality Series on PBS ROAD TRIP NATION the Summer 2005. Last March, his music was featured on two additional PBS documentaries for the ALASKA WILDERNESS LEAGUE and the COLORADO ROCKY MOUNTAIN SCHOOL. Currently licensing various composition to corporations.

Set List

Typical set would consist of his unique originals coupled with some standards played in his own way. The eclectic element alway persist in live performances. You may hear a neo-flamenco instrumental go into a "travis" style picking piece