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Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band World Acoustic


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Originally published by Westword Mar 24, 2005
©2005 New Times, Inc. All rights reserved.

Best Recording Made at Einstein Bros. Bagels
Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music
Robert Eldridge

When Robert Eldridge decided to commit his acoustic wizardry to disc, he didn't bother with pricey studios. No, Eldridge simply went to an Einstein Bros. Bagel outlet, plugged a pick-up into his six-string and let 'er rip. Recorded live and expertly mastered by Desert Airport's Eric Shiveley, Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music finds Zeut's lead electric-guitarsmith alternating between ragtime, classical, blues, calypso and something he calls "schizophrenic flamenco." There's even the background noise of a lunchtime crowd. The only thing missing is lox and a shmear.
- Westword

"Critic's Choice"

Published: Thursday, November 4, 2004

In the hands of introspective virtuoso Robert Eldridge, a guitar can summon the depths of the ocean, conjure deep-space nebulas or transport listeners to a swampy backwoods juke joint soaked in moonshine. Hailing from Charleston, West Virgina, the lead electric-ax-man for Zeut has spent much of his 25-year career exploring acoustic variations as a solo artist. On his newest self-released disc Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music (recorded live at an Einstein Bros. Bagels outlet last March and produced by Desert Airport's Eric Shiveley), Eldridge trips neurotransmitters with a beguiling and varied range of styles: ragtime, bop, classical, chicken blues, calypso and even something that he's dubbed "schizophrenic flamenco." Recalling Chet Atkins or Leo Kottke one minute, Michael Hedges or Phillip Glass the next, Eldridge offers a tasteful balance between the homegrown and the otherworldly. Hear for yourself when he hosts a CD-release show at 6 p.m. this Friday, November 5, at Cafe Europa ($20 includes the door fee and a disc). On Sunday, November 7, Eldridge entertains the champagne-brunch crowd from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Compari's in the DTC Marriott. And you thought Hollandaise sauce was exotic.

- By John La Briola -WESTWORD

"Moovers and Shakers"

Robert Eldridge, Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music Solo Guitar -- Volumes 1 and 2 (Self-released). Next time you're at DIA, you may be fortunate enough to experience the engrossing six-string acoustic wizardry of Zeut sideman Robert Eldridge, who entertains in-transit folks on a monthly basis. But armchair travelers don't have to miss a beat: This exceptional long-player captures the spontaneity and spirit of a guy who clears the runway for blues, classical, ragtime, calypso and bop -- with or without a boarding pass. -- La Briola - La Briola

"Let's Fly, Let's Fly"

Originally published by Westword Dec 23, 2004
©2004 New Times, Inc. All rights reserved.

Let's Fly, Let's Fly
For weary travelers at DIA, the Relax Under the Big Top performers can provide relief.
Nathan Santistevan

You may not hear "Fly Me to the Moon," but Sinatra's about the only crooner who won't be sounding off at Denver International Airport over the next few days.

Long before 9/11 upped the ante on jittery nerves, DIA hired Meredith Gabow to coordinate the International Performance Series, a performing-arts program that brings dance and musical acts to the airport during peak travel times over the holidays. By now, the fourteen-day 2004 version, Relax Under the Big Top, is well under way, with assorted artists featured through January 2 in the Jeppesen Terminal's Great Hall and in passenger check-in areas.

That's where Robert Eldridge, who's been part of the program for about a half-dozen years -- since Gabow caught him opening for Big Head Todd -- was stationed on November 23. "It's the calm-the-beast scenario," he says. "I get a kick out of it and get a lot of praise just for playing. Even employees have come by and listened to me." His biggest fan, though, was the traveler who came up and told Eldridge that "it was the best half-hour he'd spent, just hanging out, listening to me play."

Eldridge, whose performances are billed as "world-fusion guitar," knows just how beastly the world can get. He's a Denver Tech Center broker by day, a musician by night. "They are my yin and yang; they are my total balance," he says. "If I was just a broker, I'd probably go crazy. My music compensates for my stress in the market. I wouldn't know what to do if my music became my vocation."

He's coming a little closer all the time, though: Last month the Zeut sideman released a solo disc, Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music, that's selling well, he says. Not at DIA gigs, of course -- the performers, who are paid for their appearances, are not allowed to accept tips or peddle paraphernalia at the airport. But Eldridge brings a guest book that his flying fans can sign, and he later sends out e-mails thanking them for listening and letting them know when and where they can hear him again. "If it became my vocation," he continues, "I don't know what I'd do for a hobby."

Well, he could hang out longer at DIA and listen to the other acts, which over the next few days will range from Bill Barwick and Sons of the Tumbleweed (you can also catch Barwick at the Buckhorn Exchange most Saturday nights) to Brazilian jazz by Banda Felicidad to the Rocky Mountain Banjos. For a complete schedule, go to But there's an encore feature you won't find listed: Because the performers can't get clearance to play the concourses, roving bands of DIA's more talented employees will offer half-hour sets out by the gates at noon each day.


"Provizer: Musical month rides in with Transfer"

Jordan is at the Fox at 8:30 p.m. with Robert Eldridge as the opening act. Tickets are $14. Information: 303-443-3399. Then, at 8 p.m. Jan. 14, he moves to the Gothic Theatre ($20; 303-788-0984), followed by a stop at 32 Bleu in Colorado Springs at 8 p.m. Jan. 15 ($18-$28; 719-955-5664).

- Norman Provizer

"Morgantown molds musicians"

Morgantown molds musicians
By Laura Wilcox
A&E Editor
Robert Eldridge left Morgantown years ago, but his memories stay with him even as his music is picked up by channels like PBS.
Eldridge graduated from WVU in 1993 with agriculture and animal science degrees, though music was always prominent in his life.
Eldridge recalls spending time with local musicians - people who continue to make music in the area, like Billy Sheeder, J Marinelli and Brian Porterfield. He remembers living on Price Street in a house full of budding artists.
Bands like 63 Eyes and Moon are among the groups of people he respects and once knew well.
"The Morgantown music scene was a big part of my cultivation as a musician," he said.
Much of Eldridge's influence came out of U92, where he once worked as a DJ. He started Blind Alley, the station's classic and contemporary blues show.
Eldridge makes a tribute to his friends at U92 on his new album with a track called "Blind Alley for U92's Blues Show."
It's no wonder Eldridge thinks fondly of Morgantown. He invested a lot in this city years ago.
"I was one of the first individuals to raise money for the Met Theatre," he said.
Eldridge said he put on a series of benefits years ago, organizing about 10 acts to raise money for the Metropolitan Theatre.
He also spoke fondly of his time at DeVincent's Music Center, where he once gave guitar lessons to students.
Today Eldridge makes music in Denver, Colo. He recently learned that a track from his Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music will play on PBS's Road Tr ip Nation.
Eldridge's atmospheric music also plays in films, and he said musical opportunities have sprung up through his "day gig" as a stockbroker as well.
"One of my clients … is a cinematographer for a nonprofit group called Visionaries," he said.
Visionaries puts out social consciousness films and will use Eldridge's music for Alaska Wilderness Week in January 2006, an event aimed at preserving the Alaskan wildlife.
"I'm really honored to put my name on a piece like that," he said.
Eldridge has had a lot of practice with films lately. He and a Hollywood friend worked together on a short dramatic film, Apple House. He said he spent 20 hours writing music for 14 minutes of run time.
These are the things Eldridge loves - putting his music into visual settings.
"I'm looking forward to seeing my music. That's ultimately what I want to do."
Eldridge has released three solo albums and appears on many compilations.
He said each record has a mix of blues, jazz and classical styles.
The diverse rock, punk, reggae and country music of Morgantown and what is now 123 Pleasant St. has shaped Eldridge as a musician.
"This melting pot of music contributed a lot to my eclectic nature of playing," he said.
He said people here are much more passionate than elsewhere. "Music never gets put on the back burner (in Morgantown)," he said.
"Morgantown was a really great place for music and the music scene."
More information is available by visiting or

- The Daily Anthenaeum

"Local musicians tuning up to rock the patio at Elway's"

bill husted | entertainment columnist
Local musicians tuning up to rock the patio at Elway's

By Bill Husted
Denver Post Staff Columnist

The patio at Elway's is heating up again this summer - hotter than ever.

The summer's Wednesday-night concert series, featuring some popular local rockers, will kick in earlier in the night and go a tad later.

Eclectic guitarist Robert Eldridge warms up the crowd every night 5:30-6:30. Then the headliner plays until 9.

The roster, please: Opie Gone Bad, June 14; The Railbenders, June 21; Chris Daniels and the Kings, June 28; Soul School, July 12; The Indulgers, July 19; Pete Martinez, July 26; Hazel Miller, Aug. 2.

"It'll be a blast out there this summer," says Elway's GM Tom Moxcey. "We have more contemporary bands and it's just great to be outside in Colorado in the summer

- By Bill Husted-DENVER POST


1.Two Seasons of the Cerebellum(1991). 2.Music for NPR(2001)...Currently in the National Public Radios-database of "musical buttons" 3. Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music-solo guitar (Vol. 1 & 2)(2004) Ongoing PBS projects and independent films 2005/2006. Robert's composition ENLIGHTENED was featured on Episode 6 the Reality Series on PBS ROAD TRIP NATION the Summer 2005. Last March, his music was featured on two additional PBS documentaries for the ALASKA WILDERNESS LEAGUE and the COLORADO ROCKY MOUNTAIN SCHOOL. Currently licensing various composition to corporations.



Robert originally hails from Charleston, WV. He graduated from WVU in Morgantown, WV. He has been playing guitar for over 20 years in various bands. Robert considers his solo style of guitar an self-described thought provoking style of instrumentals called eclectic and mental guitar music. He has been featured on NPR, PBS, and various CD samplers throughtout the world. Currently lead guitarist for the Denver band Zeut. Past bands include: Big Time Raisin, Hippie House,and Acoustical Ambience to name a few. Has opened up for various national acts including: Acoustic Alchemy, Gato Barbieri, Big Head Todd and the Monsters,Arlo Guthrie,Kathy Mattea, Buddy Miles (former drummer of Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsy), , Craig Chaquico, Stanley Jordan, Michael Lington, and Disappear Fear.