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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Blues


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Elegant Chaos Review"

Elegant Chaos
***1/2 Stars
Ottawa XPRESS Review
September 16, 2004

“Just how long can Robert Farrell remain Capital City’s best kept secret? The obvious answer: probably not a whole lot longer, considering the fast and fiery tones of his fifth (ed.) effort, Elegant Chaos. Unlike records past, the hard driving, full steam ahead grind of Chaos is an all instrumental affair, which works to Farrell’s advantage. The wide open songs allow the guitarist to fully stretch out and explore, six string front and centre, without constraint. Though Andrew Lamarche (drums) and Stephen Clarke (bass) are dialed in from the word go, Farrell’s warm, thick tone is the straw that stirs the sonic drink. Displaying a sharp touch all around, his muscular attack approaches larger than life fretwork of Texas stringbender Chris Duarte – no small feat indeed – …”
(Steve Baylin)
Elegant Chaos is available at all CD Warehouse locations in Ottawa, as well as online at and (outside Canada).
- Ottawa Xpress

"Sun House Fury Part I Review"

The May 2004 Issue of Music Morsels

ALBUM CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

Robert Farrell Band - Sun House Fury
KS Communications - KSCD0928
“From Ottawa comes guitar playing that is steeped in Louisiana swamps, Texas hills and Chi-Town back alleys. Robert Farrell’s voice has a more alt rock edge and his songwriting stretches beyond the typical blues rock path. Stand out songs include “Blind,” “Heatseeker” and the boogie fueled instrumental “Slidewinder” in which Robert flat out smokes on the slide. Canada’s answer to Johnny Winter, Robert Cray and Sonny Landreth.”

- Music Morsels

"AutoLoader Review"

Bandit Radio Review
April, 2003

I know what you are saying Robert Farrell who the hell is Robert Farrell? Well he is best known for his blistering rock guitar work in some circles in Canada. According to Larry LeBlanc, the Canadian editor of Billboard Magazine, Robert Farrell is, "arguably the greatest undiscovered guitarist in Canada. I would have to agree with that statement! This CD has lots of soloing and is just flat out impressive!
Robert comes on like a smooth groover, more than a commercial screamer, but don't let that fool you this guy has some killer chops, and a style all his own which can be clearly heard on his blistering instrumental called "Wild Hands". Some of my favorites is a slow grooving thing called "The Rush" and a hard blues number that really kicks "Wreckin' Ball", another one that I am sure will leap out of the CD player and grab your attention is "When the Banks of the Mississippi Run Dry", which is worth the price of this CD alone.
It’s tough being what the entertainment media likes to call a "best-kept secret". But the secret is out and his name is Robert Farrell! Get this CD today, all so you may want to pick up some earlier work by Robert Farrell such as "Express" or "When the Banks of the Mississippi Run Dry" and a new release called "Sun House Fury" will be available very soon. You can visit Robert at his official website

- Bandit Radio

"Shooting Stars TV Show"

- EDD Greer, Castle Records

"Most Likely to Succeed"

Arguably the greatest undiscovered guitarist in Canada, Ottawa-based Farrell has recorded two albums, "Freedom for My Soul" and the astonishingly tasteful "When the Banks of the Mississippi Run Dry".... - Billboard Magazine

"rfb National Runner-Up in 3 Categories"

International Music Awards 2006
Robert Farrell Band National Runner-Up in 3 Categories

The results are out. After hundreds of nominations and thousands of votes from over twenty countries we now have the winners.

Robert Farrell Band (rfb) took Canada’s runner-up spot in the Band category with the track Blind. Lead singer and guitarist, Robert Farrell was awarded runner-up for Canada’s Best Male Solo Artist and the country’s Best Songwriter with the track Heatseeker.

Both tracks can be found on rfb’s Sun House Fury Part I which is available at and

Robert and rfb are now in the studio recording their upcoming album as well as getting ready to compete in the 23rd Annual International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee, February 1-3, 2007. rfb is representing Southeastern Ontario in the Band category.

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For further information contact:
Kita Szpak
KS Communications
- Music Aid: International Music Awards 2006

"On the Horizon Radio Show"

Congratulations to Robert Farrell for his second consecutive top ten placement in "On The Horizon"s most requested band category for 2005, and now 2006 for 3 songs including Woolly Mammoth, Razorback and Manhattan Sunburst!
- John Anderson

"Ottawa Life Magazine"

Robert Farrell one of Ottawa's Top 50 People...identified as the


(May, 2007 Issue) - Dale Houdebo

"The Great Unknown"

Robert Farrell has spent the past 25 years studying, teaching and playing the guitar. He knows the ins and outs of the thing and is often heralded for his inventive techniques such as the double slide.

Six years ago, Billboard described him as "arguably the greatest undiscovered guitarist in Canada." It's an accolade, but a trying one -- "undiscovered" has cachet, but it's only fun to be that way for so long. As such, frontman Farrell wears the frown of frustration.

We meet one afternoon at the Elmdale Tavern. A regular patron stuffs coins into the CD jukebox, trying to hear most of Exile on Main Street. Paperbacks line the wall and the titles bring to mind classic-rock songs: Behind Closed Doors, Bastard Son, and Dance With the Devil. "Give us the cool look," the photographer prompts. Farrell and his bandmates flinch in response. Drummer Andrew Lamarche (Artificial Joy Club, David Gogo) and bass player Stephen Clarke (Lister) provide the comic relief -- gesturing, joking and launching out random musical trivia to chew over. They, along with Farrell, have successful careers as session players.

Farrell is most often described as a blues guitarist, but his recent stuff plays up the rock and the live vibe of his show. Check out the track Slow Burn on his MySpace site. It's the anchoring tune for his seventh album, planned for March. As with his previous releases, the wild-handed Farrell will record and produce the album.

"It's called Slow Burn, because we're always getting burned, slowly, but then we have to get up and go and live the next day anyway," he harrumphs. "Anyway, we decided to record another CD because we're too jaded not to."

For all his crustiness and self-criticism, gems emerge. There is something to be said for casting a critical eye over your stuff. The mood in his songs is vivid and the progression from album to album is clearly heard. When he plays, you kind of wonder: how did he do that? In some ways, Farrell is really famous. (His Internet radio hits were in the hundreds of thousands, before Net radio had much of an impact. His following in the city is loyal.) In other ways, it seems he really should be more famous, in the leagues of the mass-attracting, stadium-filling bands.

The Robert Farrell Band plays the Elmdale Tavern, 1084 Wellington St., W., tonight, 8:30, $5.

Explaining Their Songs - Ottawa Citizen (Jan. 14, 2008)


Freedom For My Soul 1996
When the Banks of the Mississippi Run Dry 1997
Robert Farrell Express 2000
“Best of Robert Farrell” AutoLoader 2002
Sun House Fury Part I 2003
Elegant Chaos 2004
Robert Farrell 6 Pack 2005
CAVIAR in the OUTBACK 2009
Radio Play/Streaming
Freedom for My Soul (1996)

Radio play: Church of the Electric Soul
Wreckin’ Ball

When the Banks of the Mississippi Run Dry (1997)

Radio play: When the Banks of the Mississippi Run Dry
Bullet Drive

Robert Farrell Express (2000)

Radio play: The Heavenly Thrillbilly
Lose Your Mind

“Best of Robert Farrell” AutoLoader (2002)

Radio Play: Joelee (the advance single)

Sun House Fury Part I (2003)
Radio Play: For Her Love
Pretty Lady Blues
Woolly Mammoth

Elegant Chaos (2004) -instrumental
Radio Play: Razorback
Manhattan Sunburst
Unspoken Lament
Heretic ( due for release in 2012)
Radio Play: Solaris



Ottawa's Robert Farrell, called by Pro-Critic Radio, "a genetically engineered guitarist for the 21st century" has been converting fans with his brand of rock blues for the past ten years. This master of wicked tone, awesome licks and smooth vocals, has no plans to stop casting his playing spell.
With the release of the all-instrumental Elegant Chaos (2004), Robert has now produced six albums including: Freedom For My Soul (1996), When the Banks of the Mississippi Run Dry (1997), Robert Farrell Express (2000), "Best of" AutoLoader (2002) and Sun House Fury Part I (SHF) (2003). Selected tracks from all the CDs have received extensive local, and selected national and international radio play and Internet exposure.

Hug Me Squeeze Me, a cut from Express, hit #1 on the blues rock chart twice totaling 5 weeks at the top spot; the track was as high as 23 on the World Top 40 chart in the company of such artists as Madonna and R.E.M.

To close off 2002, Robert offered his "Best of" AutoLoader, a 12 track collection of his most downloaded songs with two bonus tracks: Incidental Blues and Joelee, a cut played on local stations and selected radio spots in Canada the same year. AutoLoader upped the ante as to what fans expect from Robert and he delivered on Sun House Fury Part I (SHF).

SHF Part I rocks out, with guitar playing and smooth, sexy vocals that are uniquely and singularly Robert Farrell. Stronghold of Love hit #2 on New Artist Radio' (NAR) top 40 chart. (July, 2004). Woolly Mammoth was selected as the #3 song for all of 2004 on the On the Horizon Radio Show as well as repeating as the show's #10 track for 2005.

Unspoken Lament off of Elegant Chaos hit #1 on NAR in July, 2005. Tracks Razorback and Manhattan Sunburst hit the #10 spot on the On the Horizon Show for the year 2006. That same year Robert Farrell Band (rfb) was the runner-up Canadian band in MUSIC AID's International Music Awards. Robert also scored two runner-up placements as Best Male Solo Artist and Best Male Songwriter.

In February 2007, rfb represented southeastern Ontario at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis where the band showcased its rock blues driven sound.
In 2008, rfb showcased on Canada's CBC Bandwidth - the performance was also bought for airing on Saturday Night Blues. And speaking of CBC, re-issued Sun House Fury has been picked up for distribution to all 30 radio stations across Canada.

Session (Elegant Chaos) was the soundtrack chosen for the award-winning Homage to Film Noir short "The Stakeout" which showcased on Super Channel in 2009.
As of 2011, Robert is affiliated with six publishing houses: Noteborn Music Company, Human Factor, Blue Scout Music, Manifest Music, Audiosparx and WAP Publishing.

Upcoming album "Heretic" is planned for release in 2012.

Contact: Kita Szpak, KS Communications, , Ph: 1-613-725-3063