Robert Grenier

Robert Grenier


Psychedelic Post-Punk Folk-Rock!


Robert Grenier's music has often been compared to the psychedelic folk-rock of the late 60's, but with subtle nods towards the contemporary post-punk musical landscape. From the acoustic rendering of Iggy Pop-style rock that is the album's title track, to the more reflective dream-folk of "Roaming Song," his songs seek to combine genres in new and inspired ways. His voice has been called a mixture of Ian Curtis and Johnny Cash, and with it he spins tales of longing ("I Could Live Forever With You"), boredom ("Braindead"), hard-won wisdom ("To Who Did You Belong"/"Before I Had Your Love"), and whimsy ("You Turn Me On"/"Sailing Away With You").


Streets Of L.A. (2006) Acid Projects

Set List

Streets Of L.A.
You Turn Me On
Before I Had Your Love
To Who Did You Belong
Sailing Away With You
Roaming Song (Ergot)
I Could Live Forever With You