Robert Grevey

Robert Grevey


With roots in the New West, Robert Grevey's music is at once dust-tinged and versatile; an original brand of country blues that can hold up the bar or entice the theater crowd.


Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, arguably the cradle of Rock and Roll, Robert Grevey has been writing and playing music since his early teens. The Beatles struck an early chord, and straightforward songwriting took over from there. Songsmiths like Johnny Cash and Townes Van Zandt heavily impacted his musical maturation. His most recent work was written while he was living in and around the town of Jackson, Wyoming, and is heavily influenced by the dusty mountain towns and people he encountered in the New West.

Rugged and isolated, Wyoming is still cowboy country. Bob first visited the state while working as a hand on Elk Mountain Ranch. The place was immense, about fifty square miles, and was easy to get lost in. Long days led to relaxed evenings in his cabin on Halleck Creek, the sounds of the moving water coming through the cabin window providing a backing track for his acoustic guitar. The cabin was once one of the oldest school houses in Wyoming, close to the Medicine Bow Range, and a near perfect place to write, play and learn.

The change in seasons led Bob to Jackson. Jackson is all at once a bit fancy and a bit backwater, an outpost surrounded by wilderness. The convergence of old west and nouveau riche made for compelling studies in contrast for songwriting. From rowdy cowboy bars to elite hotels, Jackson turned out to be a great place for writing and refining Bob's unique brand of music.

Bob's first full-length album, humongous., recorded with a full backing band, is available on Lick Records ( He is currently touring in support of his debut, playing acoustic renditions of the material, as they were written and arranged, and has recently completed recording for his second full-length, Alone in the Room.

Bob has shared the stage with acts such as Colonel Bruce Hampton, The String Cheese Incident, Moe., Megan Palmer, Jesse Henry, Hope Vitellas, Bill Toms, Jason Quicksall, and a host of other songwriters. He has played the Barrymore Theatre, the Double Door, Little Brothers, and has regular performances at venues throughout the midwest and west.


Carry You

Written By: robert grevey

I’m gonna carry
‘til that dirty road does end
I will deposit you
right there next to all of your best friends
time and some distance
cold in November in this lonesome old town

CH: one of these days we go stand by the river
take your hand and I’ll take my time
sing you a story, might make us shiver
about a little girl who’s a friend of mine

dust on the phonograph
hand holds a rose that’s been broken for you
your face in a photograph
smiles all the while as we realize our spoken plan
cause you had been allowing me
to hold you in the morning close at hand


Written By: robert grevey

so knock out, these brute plans Irene
it ain’t quite as deep as it seems
-see I bought some love
then I sold it back
I’m sorry baby it’s time, to come clean

see I was rollin’, down old highway eighteen
when I was thinkin’, bout you lonely Irene
then I came, across a young delta queen
she told me, she’s as mean as could be
-so I picked her up
and I laid her down
now I’m squealin’ my wheels back toward town

so knock out these brute plans Irene
stop breakin me down at the knees
-see I bought some love
then I sold it back
I’m sorry baby cut me some slack

Shoe Don't Drop

Written By: robert grevey

I have lived on the wrong side of this town
I have faltered I have hurt and been let down
the sunny side of the street was a mystery to me
the shoe will fall when the bottom has dropped out

there are days that I can't claim it was not my fault
I have suffered for so long I can't see out
you will wait your turn while my city burns
and the shoe will fall once the bottom has dropped out

there's a myth that you can choose over wrong
you can hide from yourself only for so long
you can close those eyes and hide away each day
but the shoe will fall when the bottom has dropped out

I have lived on the wrong side of this town
I have faltered I have hurt and been let down
the sunny side of the street she's a miracle to me
so the shoe don't drop and the bottom won't fall out

every little thing

Written By: robert grevey

ooh, every little thing
once you were my driving wheel
had you given it a thought
you might’ve kicked me off your heel
instead pass me that bottle
and brush the dust off the rim
I’m gonna lose, lose, lose, these lonesome blues
ooh, ooh, ooh, every little thing

cost a whole lotta days
and it hurt in that old fashioned way
but I hold no regrets
just matches and some cigarettes
-I’m gonna drag you’re name
all over town
ooh, ooh, ooh, every little thing

it was all for naught
and I paid for it in that parking lot
tumbleweed from a single seed
now that’s just what you did to me
-now I’m crumbled and wet
but not done yet
ooh, ooh, ooh, every little thing


Written By: robert grevey

Abilene she don't mean nothing to me
I have seen her breaking down on me
gave my time to her and that cotton gin
Abilene never come back here again

I was like a wheel on the road
spinning outta town
rolling through and rambling
far from settled down
you were just a tall blade
swaying september grass
cut down by a reaper
hoping springtime would come at last

Abilene she don't mean nothing to me
I remain here lying 'bout her and me
I am free now safe from her memory
Abilene she don't mean nothing to me

got myself a straight job
working in the yard
we were trying for a baby
praying to the stars
one morning things turned different
never see you again
crossed over the center line
dreaming of highway 10

Abilene you really meant something to me
I will wait here alone and low on my knees
the lord he took you winter 2003
Abilene won't you come back here to me?

Daria Reed

Written By: robert grevey

name's Daria Reed
lives out there on the corner farm
out there in the weeds
she's been growin strange for
and I ain't askin'
I just think that I know
he's trouble like me
now she's growin old alone

I can't tell her what I'm after
but I'm old enough to know
it all depends on what you're after
and sometimes anytime is a good time to go

if she had a dollar
for all the tears that she's wept
she'd save it for tomorrow
with all the all the others she's kept
she took him in
out of the cold
he broke her will
and now we're growin' old alone

cookies for Maxie

Written By: robert grevey

no cookies for Maxie, no smiles today
momma’s in Jackson, had to get away
daddy had his reasons, now he’s gone again
she didn’t understand it, then away he went

no cookies for Maxie, little boy blue
if mom had her way, it won’t descend on you
weight of the world, corruptions and truths
shelter you from raindrops, innocence in youth

No cookies for Maxie, he's gone

no cookies for Maxie, no ball in the yard
advice from the old man, ‘son life is hard’
always runnin’ away, from the things you can’t see
if you’ll be this way, well I suppose that depends on me

no cookies for Maxie, no smiles today
all of this longing, just can’t contain
‘I’m leaving I’m leaving,’ he shouts in the rain
just the time of the season, think it’s better this way

Mother's Son

Written By: robert grevey

sometimes I’m quite sure I’m not my mother’s son
she’s grown older man and colder never has no fun
but I am stable babe and able and always on the run
eyes are there the name’s the same but we all know the child is wild
yeah we all know the child is wild
that child is wild

from time to time I think I may not be my daddy’s boy
the eyes are there the name’s the same but we all know we know
so I want you to understand that I won’t hurt no one
between my others and your druthers yeah we all had a time
if you’ll agree then I will see that we can lay it all on the line
yeah I just wanna love someone

pasture of disaster

Written By: robert grevey

gonna rig up my six shot
tip my hat down to the breeze
gonna leave bout sunrise
singing baby baby please
well I know she’ll be there
cause I seen her there before
gonna crawl in and get down
on my knees

well the morning she didn’t work right
and I got too many miles to go
I may not even make it
she may never even know
well I woke up and tried leaving
and I been like this before
and I can’t even bring myself
to face that awful door

I’m going down to the pasture
and I’m rigged up for disaster
going down to the pasture of her
she don’t wanna see me
you wouldn’t want to be me
I’m going down to the pasture of disaster

then later on in the morning
when my mind ain’t feeling sore
I’m gonna sit down with my pistol
I’m gonna write her a little note
I know she hates me
for something I did before
so now I’m leaving
in a pine box corridor

Hour of my Death

Written By: robert grevey

here comes the hour of my death
god save the queen and my good health
what's written down is all that's left
here comes the hour of my death

so long as no one knows
we can bide our time
no further need we worry
waiting on a line
the moment often leaves me
feels like we're born to die
sleeping it off somwhere
twisted contagious mind


so I try to walk behind
all the raindrops in my mind
turn to the lord we're told
building bridges to the stars
could go south I'm told
live a thousand lives
but I gave 'em all away
and I'm passing over time


Solo Debut - "humongous." - released February 2007

Single - "Carry You" - receives play on NPR.

Second release - "Alone in the Room" - due out late 2007/early 2008.

Set List

Bob set - v.o7.19.o7


1) east side (E)
2) carry you (G)
3) bury ol' me (E)
4) pasture of disaster (G)
5) Abilene (E)
6) landmines (C)
7) discourse on parting (E)
8) hour of my death (D)
9) nightbird (A)
10) be a light (A)
11) bon temps mes amis (A)
12) Daria Reed (E)
13) water (D)
14) shoe don't drop (C)
15) from the heart (E --> F#m)
16) winter song (C)
17) blue is blue (E)
18) leviathon (C)
19) Irene (G)
20) every little thing (A/D)
21) trouble o'er me (Dm)
22) each day to fall again (G)
23) to feel alone (A)
24) time on my side (C)
25) three leaves (G)
26) mother's son (C)
27) gather your engines (G)
28) cookies for Maxie (D)


1) angel won't you call me? - decembrists (G)
2) c.c. rider - old crow medicine show (C)
3) delia's gone - johnny cash (A)
4) dirty old town - the pogues (G)
5) dublin blues - guy clark (F)
6) forget the flowers - wilco (D)
7) games - ryan adams (G)
8) good flyin' day - the sadies (G)