Robert Henry

Robert Henry


As a solo artist, I try to be as diverse as possible with the kind of music I write. Most of the music I write within the four walls of my front room is born out of experiments from simple melodies. As time goes by, the theme of the song begins to emerge. within that theme comes a title.


My music has always been a private affair. Never actually wanting to appeal to the masses. Up to now that is, To the few that have listened to what I have composed, I am urged to enter the music factory, and allow myself to be judged by my efforts. I am mostly into experimental music, Movie soundtracks and the like. Classical music to the genre of Beethoven, Mozart, Listz are the main influence to my efforts.


"March Through Victory Lane" has made made it in the top five in the Instrumental category of the "Song Of The Year " October's Entry. This song has also achieved an honour award with the 2005 Great American Song Contest.

"Dreamscape" Was runner up in "The Song Of The Year" December's Entry 2005.

Mirage was yet another entry in the song of the year, January's (2006),round that made one of the finalist in the instrumental category.

So all in all I would say that there is hope for me.