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Ask Me Not to Leave

Written By: Robert Newell Hoyt

Too many angry words spoken in the night
Have brought us to this place where there's so little light
I think we both forgot how hard this road can be
And it just feels so easy giving up on you and me

Ask me not to leave and I'll stay here forever
There's something here, there's something that's still burning in your eyes
You don't need to let me go. We could build a bridge together
Just say the words, don't throw it all away for fear and pride
It doesn't have to be - Ask me not to leave

So I'm standing here in this open door
I've said it all, can't think of any more
Just listen to that voice speaking softly deep within
That says we're not too lost to find our way again

I think we both forgot how hard this road can be
Sometimes the best things don't come too easily

Touch Me Now

Written By: Robert Newell Hoyt

Feels like I'm fighting the same battles everyday
It's like this life is slowly wearing me away
And my heart is heavy, and I only want to be
Here beside you, only you and me

Touch me now, let me feel your arms around me
Let your sweet love surround me
Like a shelter in the storm
Touch me now, let my head rest on your shoulder
As the world keeps getting colder
You're a place that's safe and warm- touch me now

Turn down the lights and let the music play
I'll close my eyes and will the world away
And you're sweet as honey, And you're warm against my skin
And I've forgotten now how long this day has been

Like The Wind

Written By: Robert Hoyt

The call of duty took me far from you, to a distant land
The sound of battle echoes in the night out across the sand
And in the whisper of the lonely wind, I thought I heard you speak
And in the breeze I feel your sweet caress up against my cheek

And like the wind, we're all just passing through
And if the cold hands of fate take me from you
Close your eyes, and I'll be with you again
When you feel the caress of the wind

Believe me I'd do anything right now just to hold you near
But, Darling, there's a job I've got to do, and it keeps me here
So send your love across the miles and keep your chin up high
And I'll thank the Lord for every day that I spend by your side

(C)2006 R. Hoyt Bob Hoyt (615)386-9947