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Robert james


Revved-up power-pop served up by one of Canada's finest singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists and his usual gang of suspects, "The Januarys".


Like the Lizard he sings about, Robert's coat is as colorful and as shiny.

At age thirteen, he made his television debut fronting a country band; at age seventeen he was bass guitarist and lead vocalist for a high-flying rock and roll band playing to festival sized crowds, and by age nineteen had recorded his first single.

Raw and sinewy on stage, he rocks with honesty and intensity, while his Irish, French, Cree and Apache roots help him remain true to the muses that guide him. A pure singer/songwriter, Robert presents his music in a timely and ultimately, timeless fashion. A healthy lack of respect for musical boundaries only serve to make his music that much more memorable.

His third CD release, Slouching Towards Bethlehem, is now available through CDBaby, Apple i-tunes and other fine internet retailers. 'Get Raw', the first video single, is available in the DVD format as a music performance video. Nothing flashy, just an honest interpretation of what you can expect from this happy and humble artist. His first mp3 single, 'Santa's On His Way' was released this past December, but will be included on his upcoming fourth CD.

In addition to his own work, Robert has also begun writing and recording for his garage-country act "The Blacks". Of the thirty or so songs written for the project so far, the daunting task will be choosing the final eight for the debut release, 'Meet The Blacks'. Emily Trann, a sixteen-year old singing sensation has recorded two of Robert's songs and is soon to be featured on a compilation sampler along with Robert, The Blacks, The Gib and other artists, courtesy of The Kingsway Group, their record label.


Get Raw (Midnight Mix)

Written By: Robert James

Get Raw 4:11

You’re so in fashion, outshine a brilliant diamond
My every dream revolves around your style
Oh so delicious, you’re tops upon my wish list
Something very vicious in your smile

Out on a mission, just a step outside your eight ball
I don’t suppose it’s rainbows all the time
I’ll climb the ladder, find the closet where you’re nesting
I’m best at bringing little flaws to light

I’ve got a camera, let’s have sex, I’ll take some pictures

So get raw, then we get off
C’mon baby, get raw, then we get off

I look around me, see the devastation
Men are entertaining with their eyes
Some apparition, the dangers I envision
In a heart that never listens to the mind

Enough with the fanfare, I only want to go where
Your warfare’s hot and sweaty every night
Hours would be dreamless, the tortures would be seamless
Black fades into grey then into white

Get raw, get off

© 2009 Robert James

Say Sorry

Written By: Robert James

Say Sorry 3:18

If he never would’ve dumped her, he’d never have to suffer
I told him that time and again
How could he have a problem with that hot little body
And the tight little dress it was in…yeah

The band played a slow one so she asked him to dance
He rolled his eyes and shrugged her off
She told a silly joke and I started laughing
He told us both to fuck off

I said say sorry
You’re a fool to treat the girl like that
I said say sorry
Cause believe me you can’t leave a girl like that
Say sorry…

She reached for him to calm her, she was headed for hysterics
He smiled and pushed her away,
Said don’t ever touch me, then he turned around and left her
She started cryin’ on me…yeah

I reached for a napkin from somewhere on the table
I did my best to dry her eyes
She sadly smiled, said it was building for awhile
But the sad thing is he just didn’t try

I said I’m sorry; he’s a fool to treat a girl like that
I said I’m sorry; he’s a fool to leave a girl like that
I said I’m sorry; it’s so cruel to treat a girl like that
I said I’m sorry but believe me; I won’t leave a girl like that
A girl like that…why don’t you just say sorry….

You’ve torn your dress; your face is a mess….

© 2009 Robert James


Written By: Robert James

Heroine 4:27

Here I am…make your move
It isn’t hard for you to hold me tonight
You should know….you can’t lose
I’m the best thing you could have in your life

Shall I wait… a room
‘Til your small voice beckons me on
Until that day gets closer, babe
It’s just one more night alone.

I only want to be a hero
In a world where we can win
I’ll be the author of your story
And you will be my heroine.

Ah, the moon….burns like a candle
Pools of wax all over the ground
Tonight the nightbirds scream your name
And you’re nowhere to be found

Shall I stay….in this tomb
With tapestries as dark as the stone
One more day in this empty place
And just one more night alone

© 2009 Robert James

In My Van

Written By: Robert James

In My Van 3:48

Wanna take you out for a spin in my van
Pack a lunch…. we’ll go for a drive if you can
I’d like to drag you where the warm winds blow
I’ll write your name in the sand
I’ll take you out to see, now, in my van

Find a cassette while I drive you around in my van
Just root around and find something loud if you can
Let’s pack up our things and just run away
And hope that they’ll all understand
Is there some place you’d like to go with me in my van

We don’t need much money
We can find our way along
I’ve been waiting forever for you
Holding out so long………….

I drive you home or we just drive away in my van
It’s getting late; let’s make our escape while we can
I’ll drive to where the warm winds blow
You think of beaches and sand
Or do I drive away without you in my van

I drive you home or we just drive away in my van……………….

© 2009 Robert James

Ballad Of Cora Grey

Written By: Robert James

Oh, her name is Cora Grey and her folks live over yonder
I’ve walked her home from school every day since I was ten
Every time I see her mother – I ask after Cora
Is there any news of my friend


She left one sunny day to live with friends in Ireland
We traded our good-byes as the train came ‘round the bend
Many nights I’ve pined……thinking of my Cora
Waiting on some news of my friend.

Chorus: We’d walk from here to the end of the pier
And watch the tide go out
And ever since the age of ten she’s all I’ve thought about
When I saw her mum today, she kissed me on the cheek
And said "today Cora Grey's coming home..."

Now I’m rushing home from work to find my fanciest attire
I plan to go a-callin’ on a lady friend I know
She’ll be waiting at the station ‘cause the folks are all at my house
“Today Cora Grey’s coming home”.

“Yes, today Cora Grey’s coming home” (twice)

© 2009 Robert James


2008 - "Slouching Towards Bethlehem" - 10 song CD

2008 - "Santa's On His Way" - MP3 single

2007 - "Get Raw" - DVD single

2007 - "Until Now" - 9 song CD

2000 - "Lizard On A Rock" - 7 song CD

1992 - "Desolation Sound Volume III" - Compilation CD (2 songs)

Set List

A typical night for Robert & his 'Januarys' is usually 3-45 minute sets consisting of original material culled from the 'Lizard', 'Until Now' and 'Beth' CD's. Add a sprinkling of folk and country tinged ballads, a few obscure covers from heroes such as Tommy Bolin, Johnny Horton, Tom Petty, The Waterboys, Steve Earle, The Replacements and Big Star, and you've got an unforgettable evening.