Robert James Koyich

Robert James Koyich

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It's not to be hyped, sometimes written, freestyle, or typed. Its to be set as a background to surround and let the tracks be found to be on CD for free. Not all instrumentals were made from Robert, though, and it shall be noted who created them.


Robert's been around here on Earth for a while and has recorded a bunch. Started in Edmonton and extended through time with the use of rhyme. There's been some focus on plots and plans, yet still alive for a purpose, to break through the ruse and let us fuse here on the surface. Lots of dreams have crumbled, yet still have fumbled towards the chords of hope. Mulitple influences and a lot of self-centred drive. Other web pages have more complete and diverse biographies. MySpace, ISound, Garageband, etc. Big influence from friends and people and Robert's still somehow navigated through life and hopes to extend on much further into the future.


Slipstream Club

Written By: Robert James Koyich

Ok, let’s get funky and groovy… Though I don’t know that you move me to creep, as we teep into the sleep. I do not know the flow that you had heard, still I know some out there have not Kurd, or word to the word / Concurred and inferred / Robots in a herd, each a paranoid android. To employ visionary suspect, circumconnect the corallect, and raise your intellect beyond what you could expect, though do they protect the echo with the consect. Redirect the flow from above and below, with a drop into the vert ramp, barista check the tamp, on the off ramp… Parlez avec the show with the flow that you know.

Na ako, at salamat po. Hangang magandang damo. You already know, so I don’t, and they will and I won’t and they till, and they still don’t know what it is to be within the mind / Compassionate and kind lined like a thread from phalanx / Slanks the timecell / Full well / Deep irenic spell / Shell house worn / Song Torn from the stereo / E-Town to Ontario / Now alive somewhere in the mix with the double helix while the….

Verse II
Break it down for the name in the same game that you alone know / anywhere you want to go within the disk / Oh my goodness gracious elloquatious / lyrically spacious, though you know the elloquation.

On Arabica elevation, blurring constellation with the cross-representation for PLUR, as the vision blurred the Soundstream / amplifier in the sub boxes / The foxes / The Moxes / Code of Paradoxes / or the dualland with a microphone in hand. To the sands of sleep, still we don’t know, so we go to the flow akin to vinyl with the lineary trinal methods of anomaly / a fortified ecology of DNA… I mean to be me, thank you Jon C, for letting me be there, outside, in the tides of thought. Slanks with the paranoid robot wiping snot on sleeve, still at least we do not deceive. So we receive the transmission. Fishing for sushi / PLUR to the Fugee La, and the crows cause and effect, to ‘Select the Tonect’ and reflect like an echo in the consect to redirect the flow from above and below though you know not.

I don’t, they don’t, we won’t. Does it really matter because we take it to the Emerald Mox Pearl / Naturals unfurl through the Savannah, tribal planner… in another form of grammar.

Stammer the sequence… Glarg / Mystical voyage, kind of like that, and they know that… and abet to the Mox Jet… found the Sapphire to perspire. The Underground Sea. Thank you Natalie for being much to me, as you know that I must throw you away. Take it to the next line, I do not know how to pray… though what may I say?

Today is another day within the fray of word, as it’s to the third tar bar lit, and then the drum kit

Split the writ / Fit the byte to bit / Compressed intricate, as the tone split like wood… Could of rebutle / An image full frontal to puddle into a cuddle with A.C.R.O. Throw the turtle shell, like Yoshi… Feroshie.

Mox Pearl, naturals unfurl like Felix with a double helix as the bass bin kicks from the subs in the clubs. Sworn to divinity / Child’s simplicity / Joy in the trine / dimension to the line / spines mingle like a tingle, keep it popping like a Pringle / While the single’s spun on the vinyl groove, move the people to the new vibe of the Mayan seed tribe with the zibe, ribe, fibe a goal / Uniting mind and body with the use of mic control. On a roll like Sonic, Kano, or Blanka… hook up the phonic of a No Limit tanker, as to be franker, thew haven’t heard my line straighten spine that penetrate a sign quicker than a nine laid down to rest between the east and west, yet still a test to see how life gets… Ghetto Vets…

Take it to the cigarettes, then the Mox Sapphire / wire mind compassionate and kind / bind the phalanx / Slank the timecell / Full well, a deep irenic spell, higher than heaven and lower than hell.
Though I know not where I dwell. Probably in the middle of another mainstream riddle


No label releases, though a dozen or so home-made CDs. Artist name 'GroundWire' on has a fair portion of his recordings. About 85% of the past two to three years recordings have been on Phresh ( Instrumentals. Check out Phreshtrax for some super-solid cinematic rap/hip-hop instrumentals.

Set List

The only onstage performing has been limited to two tracks... QBlue II and Midwest and some freestyles. The Cup Overflows and Celestial Dreams II could also be brought forward.