Robert James Starr

Robert James Starr

 Orlando, Florida, USA

High energy melodic and captivating Country Rock/Rockabilly.


What started with a simple desire to entertain has turned into something that is almost a holy calling for Robert James Starr. This “growling” Tenor puts on shows that are electrifying in their intensity. Robert has found that there is something deeper and more profound about what he does than merely entertaining people.

"In the beginning, I wanted stardom and all that," he reflects. "But what drives me now is what this music means to people. It's about entertaining people one minute and healing them the next. It's kinda like a ministry."

"Music can make a difference," says the performer of such powerful material as "The Beat of my Baby’s Heart", "Twenty Years from Now" and "As it always Will Be. “People come to my shows because these songs are inspiring to them. That's what keeps me touring. That's what keeps me interested in recording."


Gotta Learn to Dance

Written By: Bob Cesaro

Verse 1
Well I cant two step, I cant half time, and I cant west coast swing,
Baby you love to cut the rug and dance to all them things,
Well now youv'e got a partner and your always on the florr,
So I sit here on this barstool drinking Beer and getting bored.

I gotta learn to dance
I gitta learn to Dosi Do
I gotta learn to two step half time and west coast swing, and do the Cotton Eyed Joe,
I gotta learn to dance,
I gotta learn to Cowboy Boogie too,
I gotta learn to Dance so I could be the only guy for you

Verse 2
Well ya used to try and show me,
Youd say left foot left foot right,
Now you act like you dont know me and you dance with him all night

Well I bet you'd come a running, if I could Boogie too,
Then we could have some fun and Maybe I could shake these blues.




I Gotta learn to dance so I can have some fun with you

The Beat Of My Baby's heart

Written By: Bob Cesaro

They took your picture with the UltraSound
Told me you were a little Boy.
My eyes teared up, and I jumped up and down,
And my heart was filled with joy.
Then I thanked the lord for his blessings,
Took your Mama in my arms.
The we sat right there and we listened to...
The Beat of My Baby's Heart.

Verse 2
Wasn't long before you made your way into the world with Mom and Me,
Years gone by, and they felt like days, before I knew it you were three,
And when you sneak in my bed in the middle of night, cause you're a little afraid of the dark,
I cover you up and I hold you tight and feel the Beat of My Baby's Heart.

God Loves his children all as one,
and I know there is no stronger Bond than the father and the son.
Love is true eternity,
and my son I live within you, and you within me.

Verse 3
One day your gonna make your way, into the world on your own.
And I'll be thinking bout you every day, and if I ever feel alone,
I'll just close my eyes, and still my mind until the empty feelings parts,
and there you'll be right next tome in the Beat of My Baby's Heart.
There you'll be right here with me...
In the Beat of My Baby's Heart

Walkin Home With Me

Written By: Bob Cesaro

Hey Boys get yourself a good look,
Aint She the sweetest thing you've ever seen.
Well, You could try all the tricks in the book,
but my pretty baby's Walkin Home with Me

Verse 2
She might let you dance with her a few times,
And she might let you get her drinks for free.
But she knows just the right place to draw the line,
And my pretty baby's Walkin Home with Me.

Well you can spend your time and money,
Talkin Sweet and buyin her fancy wine. (all the time)
But you aint gonna find it funny,
When she leave here with me at closing time.

Well I told you once but I'll tell you twice,
She's a one man girl.
And if you try ,she'll break your heart in three.
Well why dont you take my advice,
She dont want know other guys,
And my Pretty Babys Walkin Home with Me.





Bobby Starr Band 1987
Gotta Learn To Dance 1995
Forever is Light 2002

Set List

Walkin Home With Me
Love Train
Knight in Shining
Country Girl at Heart
When You need Something Blue
Just Aint No Pleasin' You
Love is Me and You.
Collect Call From Heaven
Gotta Learn To Dance.
Twenty Years From Now