Robert John

Robert John


I would describe my music as being very personal. Everything that I write is inspired by someone or soemthing in my life at a particular time.


My interest in music started back when I was about twelve years old. My parents for my grammer school graduation bought me a used Ibanez electric guitar. That was about 1989. At that time Gun n Roses were the big thing so ofcourse they were my first inspiration. As I got older and started playing in different bands during high school I started to realize that writing music was something that I loved. It wasn't until 1994 that by accident I heard Garth Brooks The Dance. It was playing on a radio station that was not coming in clearly, actually it was interfereing with the station I was listening to at the time. I didn't know who I was listening to, but I was blown away. It was at that moment that I realized that where ever that writer was(emotionally) when he wrote that song, it was a place that I strived to be. I guess that is when I started reaching deep within myself to write songs.
We'll Become one started about two years when my wife and I started the painful search for a wedding song. We listened to hundreds of songs and couldn't agree on any of them. Finally my wife looked at me and said,"Write me a song". I thought she was joking at first but soon found out she was very serious.
The approach I tried to take to the song was simple and truthful. I didn't want any fancy words or phrases, I felt it just needed to be true.
Needless to say the outcome was better than I ever anticipated. With the help and guidence of Tony Christopher the whole recording and experimentation process was just a great experience. We did our studio sessions and before long the song was finished.


We'll Become One

Written By: Robert John

Today you and me,
we'll become one.
Give eachother our hearts,
our lives have begun.
I've never known,
I've never seen,
a love like ours.
With no in between.
I finally found,
the one that I love.
Today you and me,
We'll become one.
Today we'll let our past go.
We'll concentrate on us,
and building our home.
A home made of love,
A home built on trust
A home made of steel.
Our foundation will never rust.
I finally found the one that I love.
Today you and me,
We'll become one.
Even though the road was long,
Even though the road was rough.
You were there by my side,
you were there all along.
I don't know what i would have done.
I don't know what i would have become.
Today I'm me because of you.
Today I'll look in your eyes and give you my name.
You'll give me your life,
and I'll do the same.
But I've never known,
and I've never seen.
A love like ours,
with no in between.
I finally found,
the one that I love.
Today you and me.
We'll become one.
One love, one life.
We'll become one.
One darkness bright.
We'll become one.
One wrong done right.
We'll become one.


I have recently played lead guitar on a great alblum by Tony Christopher called A World Unseen. We have had radio air play and we were interviewed on a local radio station.