Robert Jones & friends

Robert Jones & friends


A folky combination of White album era Beatles, the shins, Townes van Zandt, and Bob Dylan


Caleb, Spencer, Jon, and Robert Have been playing music together for the past three years. After forming many different bands, they have decided to perform as individual songwriters and back each other for each song. The boys are influenced from all types of genres from bebop jazz, to indie-folk, to psychedelic music ranging from its beginning in the sixties to the latest psychedelic groups. Although they have played around Dallas, Tx. for the past three years, Caleb Jones pursues his acting career all over the country, Robert, Jon, and Spencer attend college in Nashville, Tn., Austin, Tx., and the big NYC, respectively, networking, all the long. Robert and Caleb also pursue their music together through their experimental rock group, Robert Jones


Spencer Garland's "ideas" released april 2009-has received airtime on University of Texas radio.
Jon Cook's "A crick in this chair and a creak in my neck"
Robert Jones' (Robert Hudson and Caleb Jones)"Unwanted tenants EP", "Hang the Clown EP", and a full length album coming this summer

Set List

Since we play such a variety of music, we play many different types of venues. Thus, our set list changes from show to show.