Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan

 Dublin, Leinster, IRL

It's Blues and folk playing a game of tag within Robert Jordan's Head. Eventually the two genres end up fighting each other to create an array of emotions that ultimately captures you, grabs you by your hand and takes you within his head.


whistling crickets and traveling shoes. Robert Jordan began his Journey in 2011 when he recorded His debut EP 'This Bayonet Tongue'.

Bandcamp writes: This Bayonet Tongue "This Record combines poetic beauty with the storytelling of the folk tradition. In our opinion, It's The best release of 2011."

Currently Robert is traveling the golden coast of California playing shows in each town he visits, However he will be returning to Ireland in August to record and perform.

His influences include - William Blake, Dylan Thomas, Gene Vincent, Bob Dylan, Lightenin' Hopkins, Howlin' wolf, Laura Marling, The Carter Family, Hank Williams, The Kills, John Lee Hooker, Lou Reed, Chuck Berry and Jack Kerouac.


EP - This Bayonet Tongue