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Salsa Caliente

Written By: Robert J Polito


God Bless The Soldiers

Written By: Robert J Polito

God Bless The Soldiers

He was a soldier....so very far from home
He was lonely.....but he did not die alone
And now our hearts are bleeding fast
For the sins of centuries past
How could we throw it all away?

God bless the soldiers
They do what they must do
God bless the sons and the daughters
Who've given up their lives for me and you
God help our enemies
I pray that He will let them see
If we only live as one, I know that peace will come
For you and me

I am hopefull....that some day they'll all come home
I'll be thankfull....when all the fighting's done
But till then we'll have to wait
Till the cards reveal our fate
And I'm sittin' here, so very far from you

Chorus 2X


Written By: Polito

verse 1:
I see a light...shinin in you eyes
I got to know...does it shine for me
And I dont know if i'll still be here tomorrow

Running around in circles
Running around in circles
Running around and getting nowhere fast

bridge 1:
A broken soul, a cloudy mind
The lonliness is so unkind
Is this the way it's always gonna be ?

verse 2:
I saw that look...run across your face
I couldn't take...another day in outer space
And I wonder if I'll still be here tomorrow

bridge 2:
Lovers dance..and lovers die
They come and go...I wonder why
Is this the way were always gonna be

Comes a Time

Written By: Polito

Comes A Time

Verse 1
Distant ships are sinking fast
Our biggest dreams are in the past
Comes a time....Comes a time

Verse 2
Every road and every door
Opens up where less is more
Comes a time....Comes a time

Bridge 1
You and I have much to do
Make a promise see it through
Watch the hours and minutes
Vanish into the blue

Verse 3
Don't obsess but don't forget
about the things that you regret
and things that haven't happened yet
Comes a time....Comes a time

Bridge 2
Here today then gone away
Is it worth the price we pay
Watch the hours and the minutes
Vanish into the blue

Verse 6
Take the time and use it well
Remember who created hell
For soon you'll hear the final bell
Comes a time....Comes a time

Kentucky, Love, and You

Written By: Polito

Kentucky, Love, and You
I don't know....But I been told
Kentucky grass is blue...& all the fields are gold
The mountains high....In the purple mornin dew
The stars are bright on summer nights
If all they say is true
So this city boy...is on his way...
to Kentucky, Love and You

Verse 1:
I never thought I'd leave the town
I knew since I was small
I never thought that I would find
My own true home at all
Then one day on love dot com
I saw that pretty face
I knew I had to slow right down
And find a simpler place


Verse 2:
City life is hard and fast
And starves a persons soul
No matter how much stuff I do
I never feel quite whole
A million people in a haze
Of loneliness and dread
I need a soft and quiet place
Where I can lay my head
Both of us are laughing now, lying in the clover
I can't believe, I can't believe,
my crying days are over