Robert Lariviere

Robert Lariviere


This section asks for the "elevator pitch " of my act. ..If you and I heard my act in an elevator I would blow my brains out.... but you would stay in the elevator and finish listening. That's good comedy.


Robert’s parents separated when he was a baby and moved to separate ends of the country for everyone’s safety. Robert then spent his formative years going back and forth between Massachusetts and California. From mullets to mohawks, flip flops to timberlands, and big hair to valley girls… Robert was surely screwed up enough to qualify as a spectacular stand up. Throw in a couple of years of law school and either you become a comedian or have an aneurysm.

Robert has been in the Southwestern part of the country for a couple of years but, he is now starting to generate a national buzz with his act… a mix of semi political humor and a touch of his own view on the difficulty of being a man in this new world of ours. A member of the National Association of College Activities (NACA), Robert performs and showcases at colleges throughout the county. Despite having an act that is clean, the college demographic is in love with his brand of comedy. Robert has a way of getting across edgy material with out using the crutches that other comics seem to need.

Like Jay Leno, David Letterman, Robin Williams, Sam Kinison, and Bobby Lee before him, Robert performs and works at both The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood and San Diego. If measured by hourly wage it would be the worst job in the world, but if you look at the list of comics above you can see why from a comedy standpoint it is better than working for Microsoft. He has a great respect and appreciation for the Comedy Store because he is convinced that stage time is the life blood of any great comedian no matter how successful they become. Recently he has become the permanent “House MC” of the Comedy Store in San Diego.

Robert would like to tell you where he lives but he really has no home. Between regular stand up gigs in Hollywood and San Diego, the college circuit, corporate events and auditions he is generally on the road somewhere with no idea where he is. This is the price of his upcoming fame that he happily pays every day.


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STD-DOG, and other brilliant idea's... (2007)...

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I perform 3, 5, 7, 10, 30, 45, or 60 min of comedy.