Robert Meade

Robert Meade


It's like falling in love. If falling in love were like running face first into a brick wall while 45 drunks were screaming at you to do it over because you didn't get it quite right.


Robert is one of 5 brothers and was born and raised in Kansas City. While attending college at Northwest Missouri State University, he began playing the guitar after having an extremely violent fight with his older brother (who happened to be his college roommate).
Never an extrovert, Robert had found himself even more isolated as tensions continued to keep him from interacting with his brother. Robert began writing. Writing anything that came to mind about any subject.
As time went on and Robert learned how to make something resembling music with his guitar, he began to put the lyrics he'd been writing to use.
Robert and his brother reconciled and have since collaborated on their first book, Tuten & Woodcock's Magical Misstressy Tour and have begun a second entitled The Kindergarten Culture In Corporate America.
As Robert has grown older, he's found the ability to laugh at life and the things that make it so amazing. He writes songs about subjects ranging from drinking all night to staring at a blade of grass for 45 minutes.
Never one to take himself (or his writing) too seriously, Robert has been described as an astute observer of human nature and the things that link us all together.
There are few things in this world Robert dislikes, but musicians who take themselves too seriously make him laugh.


Change Your Mind

Written By: Robert Gregory Meade

I saw your face on the cover of a magazine
In a far off place on a bleached out movied screen
I know you're not coming back
You're just waiting on another seaside heart attack
I will change your mind
I will change your mind
Driving backwards down a one way dead-end street
You were riding in a sideways broke-down passenger seat
You said you were leaving town
My mouth was open but I could not make a sound
I will change your mind
I will change your mind
I will change your mind
I will change your mind


Robert Meade released a CD of 23 original songs in 2003. The disc, titled Homely Lonely, is a compilation of original tunes written during the drunken haze of Robert's college years. All acoustic guitar driven and all recorded before Robert found a voice that suits him a little bit better, there are some strong songs here that could benefit from the experiences (and shots of tequila) he's had since.

In September 2007, Robert self-released a disc titled A Song For Greta. This disc contained 8 songs written and self-recorded by Robert within the span of a month. The songs include: Change Your Mind, Woke Up Drunk, A Day Too Soon and others.

In October 2007, Robert released another disc with 5 songs written in a single day. Recorded as a medley, the songs take the listener through the typical day of a person coming to terms with real life.

Set List

Set list includes any number of the following (usually all, since most originals are <3 minutes):
Change Your Mind
Woke Up Drunk
A Day Too Soon
Center of the Universe
Waited Up For You
Punched My Eye
Woke Up On the Wrong Side
Let You Down
Song For Greta
It All Went Wrong
Figured You Out
The Day the Sun Wouldn't Come Up
Congratulations, You Broke My Heart
Bob's Devil
Perfect Day