Roberto Buscarsi

Roberto Buscarsi

 New York City, New York, USA

I'm a crooning ukulelelist performing 50s lounge numbers with a post-punk sensibility and 80s new wave with a pre-rock swing.


I mainly identify as a busker, playing subways and pedestrian parks but I love connecting with audiences in all kinds of venues. I'm an urban dandy who aims to seduce my audiences with romantic songs from the 1920s and 1980s. Frank Sinatra and XTC's Andy Partridge are my biggest influences.



Written By: Robert McMinn

I'm burning so bright - from the pain inside
I watch the world reflect my light - like a supernova
Every objects a brighter shade - I taste the air I breathe
My friend's thoughts get in my brain - he's a dying star

You're painful honesty - I love it I hate it - But it's the only chance I've got - to find some blessed reason

I'm in love all over.

The buzzing of the stars - vibrates with my body
I'm harmonic I'm in tune - like a supernova
Suddenly I know myself but you can't bear to hear it
I guess this is your one last chance - to make a wish

You're painful honesty - I love it I hate it - But it's the only git I cherish - in a room full of stuff

I'm in love all over.

Our Thing

Written By: Robert McMinn

Just as the moon has its place in song
Just as the stars have hung for lovers so long
A dance is a kiss is a sweet melody
But this time the sensation belongs only to me
Our thing is a very special thing
Not for nothing
But our thing is a one of a kind kind of thing
I see other lovers walking down the street
They think they look so sharp
And I agree
But she's not you
And he's not me
All modesty aside I think that we invented love
That's how it seems to me
Other people may overhear this song and disagree
But as far as I'm concerned you and me
We are the only ones with this particular thing
It's our thing

Halloween is For Lovers

Written By: Robert McMinn

All Hallows Eve Takes Many Forms In many Lands like the Changeling
Appearing to all kinds of folk – some think it creepy
Some take it kinky tyo others it’s a big joke
One Day every soul hears the call Love conquers all

We can live in the dark we can thrive in the cold
As we descend into our icy crypt our love it makes us bold

Halloween is for Lovers – Love alone can raise the dead from their graves
Halloween is for Lovers – Love calls forth the bats from their caves
Though Death awaits – it awaits in vain
Bitter wind strips our skin and leaves us nothing but bones
We may be walking skeletons but we’ll never walk alone
Halloween is for Lovers – Love alone can raise the dead from their graves
Halloween is for Lovers – Love calls forth the bats from their caves
We need no costume store nofishnetted flapper or gladiator with sword
No slit skirted candy striper or codpieced ghoul
We’re dressed as lovers – immortal of soul
Halloween is for Lovers – All mortals must remember this
Halloween is for Lovers – Forever Together with a boo & a kiss


I have a track on the Green Tracks: Idaho Compilation released in 2005 and played cello for Marella Splendens who released a '45 LP in 1998. I have songs on the YouTube Channel and the Facebook Fan Page for Roberto Buscarsi.

Set List

I can play for 6 minutes (between trains), 9 minutes (for open mics and cabarets), or up to 90 minutes. I aim to set up narratives with my sets.
On The Sunny Side of The Street
Our Thing (Original)
everybody loves a lover
oh what a night
Only Love can break your heart
I wish it would rain
Rock The Boat
at long last love
Two Sleepy People
tien mi mi
Stupidly Happy
You and the Clouds will still be beautiful
The Clouds Will Soon Roll By
Oh Look at me Now
Love is Just Around The Corner
Supernova (original)
I'm the man who murdered love
Doctor my eyes
under the milky way
You and the Clouds will still be beautiful
when I take my sugar to tea
Pennies From Heaven
Blue Moon
All of Me
Pick Yourself Up
Cheek to Cheek
Ain't Misbehavin
Snowing Angels
How Are Ya Fixed For Love
ue o muite/ sukiyaki song
loving you
My Boy(Girl) Lollipop
The Guns of Brixton
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You go
I'm in the Mood For Love
Just Like Heaven