Roberto Crichlow Jr.

Roberto Crichlow Jr.


An amazing, anointed and talend vocalist with an outstanding band. We love making music and sharing the gospel through our music. The beats, songs and stage presseance our our group is very professional and can be compared even to well known pop male artist today.


Our band is a group of 6 young guys who have grown up in church. We all play for our local churches. The band was formed about six years ago when we all had a church function and we played for a church dinner at New Life Worship Center in Kissimmee,Fl. That night went so well that we just decided that we needed to play together more often and we had such a tight vibe that we named ourselfs 1 accord band. about 4 1/2 years later we met Roberto Jr. and did a christmas concert together. After that we have been playing for Roberto as a full band and lead vocalist ever since. God has blessed us alone the way with an outstanding guitar player, Ben and he has just added to our unique and tight sound. We are different from most bands because we all know so much about each others skills on each instruments that we vibe together musically and never take away from the sound we all produce as a team. We all know where to go as a band musically and that is something that takes years for many bands but we have been blessed to have that skill this early in our musical careers.


Roberto Crichlow Jr.- My Hearts Music Album
Namesake-with 1 Accord-Album

Set List

Our typical set list is from the My hearts Music album with a few new songs that will be on the new album "Life of the Party"
-Ice Box Intro remix
-Take it away
-It's up to you
-Come save me
-Pop your trunk
Our sets are about 45 to 60 minutes long.