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I"m a songwriter/producer that works in the pop, rock and r&b genres. I'm really good.

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Say It's True

Written By: JR "Roberto Horns" Porter

(W. Porter)
Lyrics and Melody by Roberto Horns

I usually don’t take the time
(Oh Oh) for you.
But if that’s all it takes to make you mine
Say it’s true. It’s true

I used to break one heart a day
(Oh, Oh) maybe 2.
But now with you I think I found my way
Say it’s true. It’s true

And there’s a million songs
To tell me what to do
And I know they’re wrong
Because I want to be with you

And I feel tonight’s
A reason to be careful
I wish I could read your mind
It says we belong together

I can see your eyes
Tell me that it gets better
And I feel tonight
Could lead to something special

Just say it’s true. It’s true
It’s true. It’s true.
Just say it’s true. It’s true
It’s true. It’s true.

No one makes me watch my mouth
(Oh Oh) but you.
If it’s enough to make you stick around
Say it’s true. It’s true.

And I don’t wanna get too comfortable
(Oh Oh) in the groove.
But tonight could be so wonderful
Say It’s true. It’s true

And I would change my life
If you make a move
And I don’t care if I’m right
Cuz I just wanna be with you.