Robert Razzolini

Robert Razzolini


I am singer/songwriter of traditional country music.

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Written By: Robert Razzolini


I’m going to a leave this tired city
I’m going to set this life aside
I’m going to put the past behind me
Move up on some mountainside

You see my heart, it’s been broken
And my name has been put to shame
And it seems when things go wrong here
I am the one who gets the blame

But I hear those mountains calling me
Deep in the heart of Tennessee
Where the leaves shine so brightly in the trees
And life is so much easier, in Tennessee

Last week, they shut down the factory
They said they could not pay their dues
And my wife, she up and left me
All alone to sing these blues

And the bank, they called on Monday
Asking why my payment’s late
Well they can have everything I own here
Because I must be on my way


C2012 Robert Razzolini