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gone fishing

Written By: robert riley

gone fishing by robert riley

i can't get used to you gone
i should go fishing
might even clean the garage
or build an addition
i try to forget you but things remind
like sitting on the porch swing with you
in summertime

i drank half a bottle of jack
and walked to the river
woke up with the sun in my eyes
the last time i kissed you
my lips they trembled - i'm so scared
sometimes when i wake i can almost
feel you there

the kids go to bed at night
i hear them crying
the dog keeps looking for you
the garden is dying
there wasn't enough time on our side
i needed forgiveness and i needed
to say goodby

looks like there's a hole in my soul
that you left behind
nothing could prepare me for this
in only an instant
all that i cared for slipped away
there is no tomorrow there's only

i took the best that you could give
then the heavens called you up and took you in
you took the best that i could give
and i won't forget you
you're just a thought away