Robert R Jones

Robert R Jones

 Canton, Michigan, USA

Robert R Jones is truly a talented Classical Guitar Player and first rate composer. He is a professional in every sense of the word, from his preperation for live performances to his ability to move and connect to audiences. His beautiful music quickly draws the listener into the moment


Robert R Jones has become a force in music compostion and perfomance for the classical guitar. His new CD, "Vignettes", showcase both of these talents. The music is beautiful and yet complex, moving the listener to different emotions within a single song. These compostions conjure up images of the past masters like Albeinz, Tarrega, and Sor, yet are certainly the composer's work. Beethoven once commented that the guitar was like a symphony coming from one instrument - Robert R Jones underscores this point with his compostions. The Vignettes album contains music that will become new standards in the solo/classical guitar world.

Robert R Jones was born in 1961 in Detroit. He became interested in music very early and started to play woodwind instruments in elementary school, where he also learned to read music.

At about 10 years, his parents bought him his first guitar. Although he continued with other instruments through middle and high schools, it was clear that the guitar was his instrument of choice.

As he entered his teen years he formed several bands and played everywhere he could, honing his skills and teaching himself to master the instrument. As he moved in to his mid to late teen years, he started to develop the desire to write his own music as opposed to playing covers. This would be a theme that permeated his career moving forward. Dedicated to music, he wrote countless songs for his bands. As he grew into his early 20’s, the bands he was playing in were starting to gain some traction in the local Detroit Rock scene not only for the musicians’ talent on the instruments, but also the songs that they were writing. Robert was becoming known as a gifted guitar player.

After leaving a band called “The Void”, he started a new rock band called “The Storm”, where the quality of Robert’s song writing became apparent. After receiving local financial backing, the band went in to the studio and cut an EP entitled “The Storm”. After years of hard work, writing, and playing the local bar scene, the band signed with national promotion company out of Miami. The company had got hold of a copy of the EP before going to production and immediately signed The Storm to an exclusive contract.

Although this was a great opportunity for the band (a national tour and backed EP release), it became more of a cross road. The band was starting to get inflated egos and the sudden taste of success started to erode the priorities of the music. Robert was very concerned. When some of the members missed gigs, Robert disbanded the act. This ended not only the band, but the release of the EP as well. After seeing so much hard work and countless hours go up in smoke, he quit playing music and focused on his business career and family.

As the years went by, he began listening again to a style of music that always fascinated him; the Classical Guitar. His love of listening to classical guitar music inspired him to pick up the guitar again, but this time, the Classical Guitar. However, learning the classical guitar would mean almost starting from scratch, especially for a guitarist that did not fingerpick at all.

He went after learning the classical guitar just like he did for the electric guitar; he immersed himself in to the study of the guitar: he bought books, studied techniques, and practiced countless hours. He honed his technique and rapidly developed his skills. The more he played, the more he was drawn to the instrument. He learned new music quickly and his solid ability to read music proved to be a great asset, as he built his classical guitar library and repertoire.

In about 2005, he went through a divorce- it was a difficult time for him. However, he met his new wife and was remarried. This proved to be catalyst for many things. He formed his classical guitar service “Guitar Interludes”, where he quickly became very successful and known as a gifted Classical Guitarist. Weekends were booked solid, where he performed at countless weddings, parties, and special events. He performed at many corporate and private events at venues like the University of Michigan and The Henry Ford Mansion, just to name a few. He stayed true to the instrument and built his repertoire on pieces mainly written for the classical guitar, introducing many audiences to this beautiful music that most probably never heard before.

However, he still loved to listen to the classical guitar – he was true fan of the instrument. However, something began to bother him; there seemed to be a limited group of songs that seemed to reoccur on many CD’s. Many other pieces were transpositions of popular works for other instruments. As he sought new music, he soon discovered that some newer classical guitar music was written to be technical masterpieces to show off the skill of the player, but musically fell flat.

Composers like Albeniz and Tarrega wrote music that touched Robert deep within his soul. Pieces that were beautiful and moving


Vignettes - A CD containing 10 original solo classical guitar compositions written and performed by Robert R Jones

Set List

Songs from Robert's Cd "Vignettes" are featured, but there are over 100 different pieces that he can choose from to accommodate any venue or event