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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE | AFM

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Folk Americana




"Indie Folk Artist Releases Cancer Tribute"

New York, NY, Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - After working on his musical tribute for nearly two years, indie folk artist Robert Rossi has finally completed his much-anticipated album, Weathervane. The 13-song compilation will make its debut at the famed Rockwood Music Hall on Saturday, May 14, 2016.

The Weathervane CD is written largely from his mother’s perspective and is part of a larger cancer awareness project by the same name. The goal of the New York-based singer’s project is to commemorate his mother’s life after losing her battle to metastasized breast cancer all while raising global cancer awareness. The ultimate mission of the Weathervane project is to donate proceeds to organizations devoted to cancer research. Weathervane’s aims are significant as the Centers for Disease Control reports that 19.3 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed worldwide each year by 2025.

To hear live tracks from the Weathervane album with accompaniment by cellist Maureen Murray and drummer Rhakeim Williams plan to attend the CD release at:

Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3
185 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 7pm

To donate or find out more about the Weathervane project visit:
To learn more about Robert Rossi go to:

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"Transcending the Pain with Weathervane"

This summer marks the two year anniversary of my mother, Inés Maria Rivera Rivera de Rossi’s death on June 5, 2016. Inés, as I would affectionately call her, was sixty years old when she passed away from metastasized breast cancer. Before claiming her life, the cancer spread to her bones and eventually to her liver and stomach. Her untimely death impacted us in unimaginable and divergent ways. In the interim, my family and I have learned to better cope with her loss. While “it’s tough to talk about it,” I could find no better way to formally and publicly acknowledge my grief and celebrate her life than with the labor of love that is my brother’s newly released folk CD, Weathervane.1


Named after the seahorse fixture found on top of the Vizcaya Gardens homestead located in Miami, FL where my parents married in 1977, Weathervane charts our mother’s devastating battle with cancer. While some of the lyrics are for artistic effect, others echo true sentiments about the impact of our mom’s illness. The first song, “Summers Gone By” is an invocation that invites the listener to “stay a while” and hear “verses so carefully crafted” for the purpose of “shar[ing] this love” of our mother.2 Mr. Rossi said he “worked really hard on the song for the beginning of the record,” which serves as the foundation for the story that unfolds in the rest of the album’s songs.3 One unique element of the musical compilation is that it uses a leitmotif where one song alludes to another. Meanwhile, the songs in between “Summers Gone By” and the last song, “Homeward” are a celebration of love, a portrayal of pain, and the resulting heartache as time slips away.

Inesita near El Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico circa 1970s.

Until the “waves outside came crashing down,” we never suspected that our mother’s health was failing.4 We especially weren’t privy to the fact that she had undergone a lumpectomy seven years earlier. As a result, my intensely private mother attempted to bear the weight of her illness alone. In addition, she tried to protect both my brother and I and her other family members by hiding her terminal diagnosis. When my brother confronted her about her condition in the early stages of the metastasized cancer, she gave a less-than-honest admission and said she had a benign cyst. The song, “My Dear Friend” details that exchange with Mr. Rossi singing at the outset, “you told me that you weren’t walking down that street.”5 He then croons an untruth of his own: “well, I’m not feeling lonely, in fact, I’m just doing fine okay.”6 The denial surrounding the diagnosis is also explored in the song, “Is it True?” In the song, the folk singer attempts to come to grips with his “own denial” and gain “confirmation” from our mother about “the casting of the stones” and her inevitable fate.7 “Is it True?” also features a conversation between mother and son where she cautions him to, “Please be on guard.”8 It is this sort of exchange that is an element in many of the other songs on the album. Among them is the empathetically-written song, “Broken” that explores the time-sensitive nature of our mother’s life-altering ailment.

Inesita in her hospice bed, fall 2013.

In the opening lines of “Broken,” Mr. Rossi sings: “What do you do when your life/Is numbered in every moment.”9 In exchange, our mother resigns herself to her fate within the context of the song by stating, “What can I do?/The string’s already broken/This song’s already tried/…I don’t have much time.”10 While “Broken” has a dismal outlook regarding time, the song “In the Rain” lovingly acknowledges that any activity done with mom was time well spent. Meanwhile, “I’ll Follow You” acknowledges the fleeting nature of life and that “every passing moment is its own unique time and will never happen again.”11 In contrast to “Broken” and “In the Rain,” the title song, “Weathervane” speaks about the differing intervals of time from our mother’s perspective in her hospice bed. As such, the song “Weathervane” mentions that she is “hittin’ the door”– a reference to the ambulance carting her away, while in another instance she is “trippin’ [out] again,” and yet at another moment she is fine and “fallin’ asleep.”12

Another view of Inesita from her hospice bed.

Although we stayed with our mom by her hospice bedside, we did not “know exactly what it’s like” for such a proud and strong woman to go through such a debilitating disease.13 Therefore, there are songs on the album that try to detail aspects of my mom’s immense pain and her intense isolation. Despite taking morphine regularly, “In the Rain” specifically mentions how “the body writhes and aches with pain,” while “My Dear Friend” states, “my eyes saw your pain as it grew.”14 The appropriately titled song, “Agony” attests to the artist witnessing a horrible “suffering [that] opens up your sensitivity to life in general.”15 Hence, why Mr. Rossi penned the lines: “I cannot see agony/She makes the colors bright.”16
In an effort to express our mom’s increased isolation in the face of the disease one of the most melodically beautiful songs of the entire album was created, “Stars Drift Away.” While the lyrics of the song are “pretty literal,” the general theme of “Stars Drift Away” is “based on cosmological drift and how the universe is expanding and getting colder.”17 However, the line, “when you’re so far away” is representative of my mom’s isolation and also of Mr. Rossi’s isolation in a creative sense.18 Despite this pervasive sense of isolation, lyrically “Stars Drift Away” along with all the other songs on the album reinforce and celebrate the strong bonds of love between a mother and her child.

“Proud to be born” Robert Rossi and Inesita, mid-1980s.

Finally, the CD comes full circle with the song “Homeward.” The song “developed in two” parts.19 Initially, “Homeward” was about mom coming back home after her very first visit to the emergency room and subsequent three-week hospital stay. –Hence the line: “you pack your bags and you scream and you wonder why”—a reference to her daily demands to go home after she became more cognizant of her surroundings.20 From there, “Homeward” developed as a “message from the grave” and that’s why she’s “elevating her love” within the context of the song.21 Although Weathervane is a musical tribute to our mom, the themes explored in each of the songs are universal. As such, the only appropriate way to conclude this post is by quoting the second stanza of “Free/Better Someday:”

Here today so soon and gone tomorrow.
Tomorrow strikes the chords we play today.
Today unites the living and the dying.
Remember me to one not far away. 22

In memory of our Inésita (November 30, 1953-June 5, 2014)


“May our love never die.”23

A statue commemorates the site where Inesita’s ashes were scattered on the Rivera’s ancestral farmland in Morovis, Puerto Rico.


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"New York Singer/Songwriter Robert Rossi Announces The Launch Of His New Project- Weathervane To Bring Cancer Awareness Worldwide"

New York, NY (Top40 Charts/ AMEG) Singer/songwriter Robert Rossi has been a fixture in the New York City Acoustic/Americana music scene for many years now. He has released two previous successful records; both with rave reviews. Now in October of 2014, Breast Cancer awareness month, he is releasing his brand new, very personal project, Weathervane, to bring more awareness to this cause.

To assist in the creation of Weathervane, Rossi is looking for worldwide volunteers and financial support to help with the creation of this music project and the subsequent marketing to bring the awareness necessary to help, even if in some small way, to eradicate cancer. The new album, Weathervane, will follow and is earmarked for release in early 2015 on Rossi's independent record label Magic Flight Records.

On June 5th of this year, Rossi's mother lost her battle with metastasized breast cancer. It had been a daunting year to say the least, and the finality of his mom's passing has taken a major toll on Rossi and his family. At that point, and even previous to the inevitable, Rossi vowed to do something about bringing more awareness to this devastating disease. What better way to do that but by utilizing his God-Given talent of his music and songwriting expertise, to help bring this awareness.

The project will be launched with a video and the new full length record with all songs dedicated to the memory of Rossi's mother, and to help bring more awareness to the cause. "Most of the songs on the new CD are written from what would be my mother's perspective, especially the title track "Weathervane", states Rossi.

The project theme, Weathervane, is taken from the weathervane that tops the Vizcaya mansion in Florida; the place where Rossi's parents were married. So the location and monument are obviously close to his heart. He felt this to be an appropriate name for his new album which celebrates his mother's life.

The initial work in progress has been financially supported by the artist with independent production through his record label Magic Flight Records LLC, and cannot be completed without your generous support.

Rossi further states "Imagine what a difference it could make if everyone around the world could pledge just one dollar for Cancer Awareness - medical research, treatment, therapy and education for this global cause would thrive."

"The centerpiece of the Weathervane Project is a message through music." states Robert Rossi. "Cancer has afflicted its punishment on humanity worldwide far too long - it recognizes no boundaries. There is fundamental need to generate new knowledge and awareness on a global platform through education."

With the launch of the Weathervane Project, Robert Rossi is requesting worldwide volunteers and financial support to make this awareness campaign a reality.

Please join him and give generously in order to make a difference.
To find out more about the Weathervane project and to donate to this noble cause please visit To keep up on the release date for the new full length album for Weathervane you can visit Rossi's official musician website at - Top 40-

"Pick Of The Week"

Robert Rossi is a folk singer songwriter from New York. Rossi takes influences from past folk singers such as Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, and creates his own unique sound with his songwriting skills. Rossi has developed a loyal following by regularly playing venues throughout New York such as the Vagabond Café and Café Vivaldi. In 2012, Robert Rossi released his debut album, Flown Away, which shows his abilities both as a songwriter and performer. Now, Rossi is back with his second album, City Folk.
City Folk was officially released in the end of May at New York’s historic club, The Bitter End. The album highlights Rossi’s songwriting progression as well as his musical abilities. The album has the feel of 1960’s folk music mixed with Rossi’s own unique musical interpretation.
“Single Engine Heart” is simple folk song about love. The song is great for its simpleness; a guitar, a harmonica, and Rossi’s voice make up the song’s content, and that is all it needs. Rossi delivers the song’s lyrics with emotion that comes across very personal. The result is “Single Engine Heart” is a very enjoyable song.
The melancholy “Lost Myself” is about losing a love. Rossi pours out the emotions of his depressed state with a great sincerity. The vocal harmonies on the song sound superb, and reminiscent of a Beatles ballad. The song opens with harmonica playing before a guitar takes over for the rest of the song. The combination of guitar and drums provide just enough instrumentation to give the song a nice sound while allowing the listener to focus on the lyrics.
The most Beatles influenced track of the album with its excellent harmonies throughout is “Song For Rita.” The song is more upbeat than most of the other songs on City Folk which adds to its Beatles inspired sound. Like most of Rossi’s songs, “Song For Rita,” is accompanied by guitar and drums. However, the drums are a little more prominent on this track which gives it slightly more pop sound. Nevertheless, the number is still clearly a folk song, and a great one at that.
Robert Rossi is a great talent to come from the folk genre of music. Taking inspiration from Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie, Rossi creates some excellent music with his songwriting skills, and City Folk is proof. The album contains some great songs to listen to especially for Bob Dylan fans. I look forward to see what the future holds for Robert Rossi.

Key Tracks: Single Engine Heart, Lost Myself, Song For Rita
Craig Kidd - Staff
July 28, 2013
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"Robert Rossi "City Folk""

Robert Rossi is an up and coming talent from the modern era of folk music. Taking inspiration from Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie, Rossi creates music based on real life and are very personal stories. When I mention Bob Dylan, I have to say the pre-electric Bob Dylan as it is well documented that when Dylan went electric he upset a large portion of his followers. The music is very approachable because the message in the words are more important as the music is just the vehicle used to deliver the message. Rossi didn't modernize his music with a full band with huge productions. He keeps everything as basic as possible relying on the message verses the music.

Rossi follows the pre-electric Dylan formula with simple recordings. Sticking to his guitar and harmonica format, occasionally teaming with Bryce Miller to add additional color with organ and percussion. I was most impressed with vocal harmonies on many of the songs. Looking in the CD cover it appears as if Robert does all the vocal harmonies as well. This was impressive because I would have thought it was another vocalist working with him.

In the Studio:
No studio credits are given on the CD but the recording was clean, clear and precise. Nothing is over produced, compressed or compromised. The recording sounds live to me. I felt as if I was in a small coffee shop listening to Rossi standing in front of a microphone with his harmonica strapped around his neck. The vocals jump straight out of the mix so you can hear every word. Once in a while you can even hear Rossi catch his breath before singing the next verse. Many enginees would use Pro-Tool and remove this. I think it adds a human element to the recording. There aren't many instruments to deal with but they are all well placed in the studio mix. This was a first class recording with or without credits given.
The Music
/ Spring Song / Single Engine Heart 4:03 / Song for a Lover 3:32 / Sweet Marie 2:04 / The Cost 4:19 / / Lost Myself 4:34 / Song for Laura 3:29 / Song for Rita 3:17 / All Day Long 2:50 / Ashes and Graves /
If you are a fan of folk music or you are interested in hearing more from an up and coming artist then City Folk might be a good place to start. Robert Rossi, gives fans of this genre everything you can ask for in a traditional folk album. The recording is crisp, clear and his words are true to his beliefs. Unlike the early folk artist's who sang songs about the hard times of the era. Rossi sings more to emotional relationships and everyday reflections. This is a must own CD for fans who enjoy great lyrics and an artist who can articulate a message musically.
Reviewed by: Charles Harrelson
Edited by: Charles Harrelson
Review Comments: - EvO:R Entertainment

"Robert Rossi "City Folk""

New York coffee shop folk for the 21st century
Hailing from New York City, Robert Rossi you feel fits the mold beautifully of the Greenwich Village coffee shop folk singer with harmonica and acoustic guitar to the fore. There are no major protest songs here to complete the picture, apart from “The Cost” which is vaguely political, but the self written songs are all top quality mainly having a mature focus on the issue of relationships. This is Rossi’s second album, which he also produced and shows all the signs of a confident and self aware musician.
The comparisons with Bob Dylan are obvious but he has a better voice and the edge and freshness of our home grown Jake Bugg. All 10 tracks have a familiar sound although the lyrics are complex and show an awareness of the outside world with a touch of humour thrown in with “(A Prison Song) For Rita” – yes there is reference to a parking meter – and more serious musing of the general purpose of it all in “Ashes and Graves".

The album title described on Rossi’s website as “an unabashed play on words” gives the clue of a city dweller seeking to speak to those around him. We all hear him and this gentle and accomplished album works well. Rossi is clearly a young man with a wide vision and bright future but he could perhaps do well to seek a clearer political and social edge to his work which would in turn allow him to stand out from the crowd. - americanaUK

"New York City Singer/Songwriter Robert Rossi Releases Sophomore Album “City Folk” Featuring The Melodic Single “Spring Song”"

For Immediate Release

[New York, NY] The latest album from emerging singer/songwriter Robert Rossi is his second effort, and has been a masterpiece in the making for this young talented artist since the release of his 12-song debut record “Flown Away” in 2012.

City Folk, the 10 song full length, can be described as a cross between the Americana and Modern Folk genres and is reminiscent of the greats Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. His unique and stylistic vocals have been referred to in the press as very Dylan-Like. States the Vagabond Café, “Rob is what Dylan would have sounded like with a pleasant voice.”

The innovative story-telling ability of Robert Rossi is prevalent throughout this great record.

The title itself, “City Folk” is an unabashed play on words: stylistically it describes Robert’s musical form and conceptually it speaks to those dwellers of the city around him, those in New York. Complex lyrics carry his growing sense for melody and harmony, creating music in its most pure form. In Robert’s own words, “City Folk is an acoustic interpretation of the current New York City music scene”. Its economy and organic qualities are an outright attempt to refine more simply the complex world surrounding him. City Folk is the first collection of songs written by Robert upon moving to New York City. And it is the first collection of songs to be produced by him as well.

The proposed single from the new album “Spring Song”, is one full of hope and opportunity for the coming season while all your troubles are washed away. Other top picks on the record include “Single-Engine Heart”, “The Cost”, and (A Prison Song) for Rita.

Be sure to catch Robert’s live performance at the Bitter End located at 147 Bleecker Street in New York City on Monday May 13, 2013 at 8:30pm where he will celebrate the release of “City Folk” for all to enjoy.

The new record is currently available on CD Baby and by digital download on iTunes. You can learn more about this energetic young singer/songwriter and his latest record at the following URLs

Official Website-

Media Inquiries
Allure Media Entertainment
PH: 1.888.242.9331 - Mi2N


Still working on that hot first release.



Based out of New York City, Robert Rossi is an emerging singer/songwriter with a philanthropic mission. As creator, owner, and operator of his own record label Magic Flight Records LLC, Rossi’s third studio album Weathervane purposes to raise cancer awareness on a global scale. This cause is one that is close to his heart: on June 5, 2014 metastasized breast cancer claimed his mother’s life. Rossi tirelessly has been working to garner financial support and build a coalition of volunteers worldwide. To support this project and for additional information one can visit and


Rossi’s last release City Folk continues to receive positive reviews by critics and fans alike. The album was officially released May 13, 2013 at the landmark New York City music venue The Bitter End. Rossi regularly performs at many of the famed music venues in New York City, building a solid reputation as a craftsman all-the-while. He has been a guest on the “Alive with Clive” television show in White Plains, NY and has entertained audiences at The American Folk Art Museum in Lincoln Plaza and The Poe Park Visitor Center in the Bronx.


The anchor of Rossi’s tremendous growth as an artist was cast in 2012 with the release of his first full-length record Flown Away. His records are available through major music distributors such as iTunes and Amazon. The vision and experience of Robert Rossi and Magic Flight Records LLC stirs excitement in the air of Rossi’s bright future.


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