Robert Sidney

Robert Sidney


Take 2-parts urban soul, 1-part standard jazz and a splash of grunge rock and you've got yourself one hell of a musical punch! Robert Sidney's thought provoking lyrics and heavy groove sensibility will take you on an aural journey that will feed your soul, stir your conscience, and change your life.


Robert Sidney was born in Washington, DC and raised in a small suburb known as Bowie, MD. From the cradle his mother knew that her son was meant for great things and that music would take a prominent role. Robert began singing at age 5 and wrote his first song at age 7. Over the next 12 years, Robert's thirst for music grew and his influences became wide ranging from the funk bands of the seventies to the grunge bands of the early nineties. At the age of 19, Robert entered the University of Miami to study jazz. It was there that he began to develop his own unique sound and writing style. Now in his last year of school, Robert is finally ready to reveal to the world who he is and what he has to say. Hopefully the world is ready!

Set List

Frosty's A Genius
Baby Blue Eyes
Sweet Thang (Chaka Khan Cover)
Green (Precious Eden)
Heaven In View
Freedom Ain't Free
Untitled #26
Won't It Be