Robert the Bard

Robert the Bard


I'm a solo performer, and I don't sing, because people throw things at me. I play a mix between classical/folk music that fits well into my preferred venues, Renaissance Faires. I consider myself to be a no nonsense rhythm guitar player.


People look at me like I'm crazy, but my influences include Metallica. I'm not sure of any other strong influences, but people I'd most like to play like include Joe Satriani.


I currently have no music released mainstream, but I do have my current EP up on my website, including a piece I wrote for a friend that passed away.

Set List

Hmmm, I'm not currently playing any venues, and really don't have a set list. When I jam for my friends, it's usually Metallica covers, or playing around. I tend to just jam, and like to have my recorder on, to catch anything I might do.