Robert White

Robert White


Songs in a rock/pop genre. High energy and emotive. A personal, dark, reality check of you ears and mind.


My songs are thinking person's music. Ray Charles, Elvis, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dylan, and Hendrix have been a major influence in my life.



Written By: Robert White

Title: Delaina

I asked Chike and Marie, where's Delaina I lament. They said they haven't seen her, don't know where she went.
Called everyone I know, long distance on my phone. Nobody there knows nothing. It's like she never had a home.

Search angels up in heaven, I miss her can't you tell. Please go and find Delaina, I hope you find her well.
I like catfish from the bayou, I like croakers from the gulf. Of all the things I loved and left behind, I miss you the most.
Are you in New Orleans, maybe Thibidoux. I keep calling and a' calling cause I just don't know.
Search angels up in heaven. I miss her can't you see. Please go and find Delaina and give her love from me.
Are you in New Orleans, maybe Thibedoux. I keep calling and a' calling. Guess I'll never know. Guess I never know. Guess I never know


Written By: Robert White

Talked myself hoarse to nobody around. What's been spoken's been spoken now I can't make a sound. No sin or sorrow I drink from this cup I smolder in ashes my thinking's corruptBeen unforgiven no mercy for me, been unforgiven what she said was so mean.... There is no tommorrow, captured by the past and what thoughts that are in me flashes out like a lash. I am so low and down can't raise myself up this ending is final, just got to give up. Been unforgiven no mercy for me, been unforgiven, what she said was so mean.


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Set List

Original songs:
Delaina, Angelina, Black Sunday, Blind Man, Empty Pocket, Unforgiven, Go Away, Broken, Little Ditty
Love Me Two Times- Doors
Panic in Detroit- Bowie
Not Fade Away- Buddy Holly
Remember- Hendrix
Baby it's You- Burt Bacharach
Lightning Bar- Hoyt Axton
Roll Over Beethoven- Chuck Berry
Evil- Howling Wolf
Good Loving- Rascels
Mona- Bo Diddley
Hand Jive- Clapton?