Rob Forster

Rob Forster

BandPopAdult Contemporary

Deep, real, true. Contemporary storytelling from the soul. Lyrics exposing, melodies cementing and sung with the vulnerability of a singer willing to expose. Always positive even when exploring the coldest recessess of a heart in splinter or burnt of destiny not to be denied.


The journey has been long and varied , qualified solicitor, accountant and mba, nothing has stopped the music, nothing is done by halves.
Influenced by all the great singer songwriters from dylan , joel, simon to modern day heroes like nathanson and mcrae, a student of lyrics and a explorer of all aspects of the human condition , i have been influenced by Rock to metal to acoustic to dance to world and keep learning. My fans love melody and read songs like poetry. Demanding, questioning, complex but mine. Study and a unique background , it is time to colour the skyline.


LP- Frozen (available via Asda (Wallmart), WHSmith, The Hut)

Set List

The Dance Goes On
You Tell Me
On My Mind
Romeo & Juliet (Cover)
Fall from Grace