Rob Giles

Rob Giles


"Rob Giles writes hit songs, produces amazing records, and is better live than anyone I have seen in a very long time. He is so honest, you cannot help but feel comfortable, entertained, and changed by listening to his music and seeing his shows." Jason Miller, Agent, CAA


"I have never seen a packed room get silent so fast, for so long" said Pat Pattison, Best-selling author and songwriting professor. "He is very rare these days."

By the time Giles was 17 he had released his first solo album “Just a Dream,” for which he played all of the instruments. After attending Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Giles completed his second solo album, “Straight Down a Crooked Road” and began touring the Northeast. While playing sold out shows in New York and Boston, Giles’ refreshing sound garnered such critical acclaim from such local media outlets as Time Out New York and the Village Voice and received prestigious awards from ASCAP, DISCMAKERS, the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, and NEMO among others.

Giles then moved to Nashville and formed a new band that shared the stage with such rock legends as Kid Rock, Big and Rich, Gretchen Wilson, The Features, and Will Hoge. Soon after, Giles secured a publishing deal with Sony/ATV/Big Alpha, which has given him the opportunity to write with such legendary songwriters as Willie Nelson, Collective Soul, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, N'SYNC and many other heavy hitters.

Giles has cultivated a healthy following in Dallas, New England, New York and Tennessee, and is rapidly developing a solid fan base in his new home of Los Angeles. Just prior to reaching L.A., he finished the tragically inspired album, “Mother Mary and Matthew”. The proceeds from the album’s sales are donated to The Matthew Henry Memorial Fund, which helps inner city children from the south acquire collegiate theater scholarships.

Momentum is growing even more as Rob’s songs are being cut by numerous other artists and are showing up in television shows and films. Most recently, he has been heard on MTV's hit show Laguna Beach and the WB’s “One Tree Hill. Giles also scored the award winning Sundance and Tribeca Film Festival feature “212.” Additionally, Rob has been writing with the members Billy Mann (Pink, Jessica Simpson, etc), Courtney J (Island/Def Jam), The Wallflowers, American Hi-Fi, Nick Lachey, Paulina Gretzky and more. His production work is being sought after by many up and coming artists so expect to see Rob’s music in many places this year. His new album "This Is All In Your Mind" will be released in the 4th quarter of 2006.


John Lennon

Written By: Rob Giles

Last night my mind was taken
By John Lennon for a ride
I was thinking about his daddy leaving
His crazy mama barely by his side

Did he know how it would go?

He had Julian, he played Ed Sullivan
He confused everyone, had a blast
He made a killing, smoked pot with Dylan
Laughing while it was happening, like time lapse

Did he know how it would go?

Paul sang, Ringo drank
George seemed fine just being the quiet one
And then Yoko came to the studio
Rolling her eyes, the album cover was white

Did he know how it would go?


He was a bastard son who made a contribution
To the Revolution all at 20 something
And then it came to an end, so he made a plastic band
Sat at his baby grand, watched the wheels go round

Did he know how it would go?

John and Yoko left the studio
Arm in arm they strolled
Living life in peace...


Straight Down a Crooked Road, 1998
Rob Giles Live EP, 2000
Cape Sessions, 2001
Mothew Mary and Matthew, 2004
Live in Hollywood, 2005
The Spark, 2006
This Is All In Your Mind, 2006

Set List

Set lists always change because Rob thrives on spontaneous interaction with the crowd. Set lengths can run upwards of 2 hours. They can be geared towrds mellow introspection, rollicking pop rock, political, romantic, and usually always funny.