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#1 music act in the US college circuit (NACA), Rob has performed solo concerts at hundreds of colleges across the US, earning standing ovations from 3,000+ crowds. With his voice, songs, & incredible piano skills, he is America's new piano man.


Rob Gonzalez is an American recording artist, composer, pianist, vocalist and producer currently based in Los Angeles, CA. He is best known for his 2006 album All Is Right With The World, which he self-released to widespread critical acclaim. The 12 song album, co-produced by Grammy winning producer Dave Way, features a stunning array of A list studio musicians, including collaborators/members of the touring ensembles of Paul McCartney, Elton John, Sting, and John Mellencamp.

Gonzalez is also known for taking a personal stand in the music industry against music made “purely for fame and wealth,” forming Music Equals Love Inc. as an attempt to follow his pursuit of making “artful music of substance” while contributing to deserving charity organizations.

Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Gonzalez moved to Boston, MA in 1991 to study jazz piano at Berklee College of Music and spent the next decade living there writing songs and performing. Later, he spent 2001 to 2006 becoming widely popular on the US college touring circuit, touring over 200 schools across the US. During that period, he produced and self-released the 12 song album The Rush From Your Touch, which also received rave reviews and garnered significant interest from the music industry.

Gonzalez’s organic musical approach has often been compared to artists of the 70s singer-songwriter era such as Jackson Browne and Van Morrison. Gonzalez’s earliest musical influences included The Beatles, Elton John, and Sting. For more info, please visit:

**New York Times - Emerging Artist 2007**
*Boston Globe -- "Exquisite... the talent is there"*


All Is Right With The World

Written By: Rob Gonzalez

take a walk
under the bluest sky
feel the sun shine down on your shoes
hear the birds
singing up in the trees
life of dreams
all is right with the world

take a drive
through acres of countryside
summer wheat growing up in a field
children laugh
joy in the tender grass
life of dreams
all is right with the world

with tranquil grace and duty
nature reveals such beauty
I wonder how it could be
peace is our greatest mystery

with so much pain and sorrow
worries over tomorrow
I wonder how it could be
peace is our greatest mystery

take a walk
under the bluest sky
see the world right under your eyes
when every soul
echoes in harmony
then we'll know
all is right with the world
I'm hoping one day we'll say
all is right with the world
I'm hoping one day they'll say
all is right with the world


All Is Right With The World (2006)

The Day The Red Sox Beat The Yankees (2004, CD single)

Rush From Your Touch (2004)

Somehow (2001)

Wrestling Athena (1999)

Set List

Rob's typical set is a 90 minute concert of all-original songs. He sometimes includes one or two cover songs... lately he has been performing re-worked versions of Van Morrison and Elton John classics.

Here's a typical set list:

Tonight Is Yours
When I Find Her
Ain't No One
Funky Shoes
River Of Rain
This Tiny Life
Water Song
Everybody Just Wants To
Where I've Been
Hollywood Story (in F Minor)
Laid Back
Missing Wisconsin
I'll Get To You (Somehow)
Girl On A Train
Ballad of the Urban Cowboy