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San Diego, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

San Diego, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop




"Rob Grimes - InFlexWeTrust Feature"

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"Rob Grimes Thisis50 Radio Interview"

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"Rob Grimes - The Source Feature"

San Diego rapper Rob Grimes releases first single from his new street LP

Music is life. Music is an outburst of the soul. Music is what “Feelings” sound like. Rapper Rob Grimes is a rap phenom who has music running through his veins. Grimes is using his artistry to put the heart and soul back into Hip Hop. His clever lyricism, magnetic delivery, efficient wordplay and irresistible personality has already earned him acclaim among Hip Hop aficionados.

The San Diego based Hip Hop artist has released his first full length project in years in the form of a street album called “Some Will Some Won’t.” The whole premise of the project is that you can’t please everyone. Some folks will love you and some will not. However, you must always strive to make history.

“Some Will Some Won’t” features 13 solid tracks. The lead single is a song titled “Now You Do.” The album features Rap juggernauts Chase N Cashe and Rey Fonder. Rob Grimes is wise beyond his years and his music reflects his trials, tribulations and triumphs. His goal is to enlighten and entertain his audience while conveying realistic images of life.

Rob Grime’s relentless work ethic, confident delivery and unique style are the main ingredients that set him apart from other aspiring emcees. In music, if everyone is going in one direction, sometimes it’s wise to go in the opposite direction or attempt to create a whole new path. And that’s exactly what Rob Grimes is doing. The Sky is the limit for this headstrong emcee. For more information and music log on to - TheSource.Com

"AUDIO-OLOGY.COM interview"

Congrats on winning the Audio Battle 2.1 - The Re-Count.
Audio-ology: How does it feel winning a competition like this where fans from all over the world can vote on your music?

Rob Grimes: "It feels great, thanks for that look it's a good one. "

Audio-ology: Tell us about the Struggle Hustle mixtape. Who did you work with? Where can fans go to cop it?

"Its hosted by Dj Ease, the best Dj hands down. I got a track with the underground legend Afu-Ra, a song with the wonderful Havana, a joint with the hood star Young Tools, beats from The Messangers ,our Skoolcraft producer Roddy and the infamous Jay Escobar outta Florida, he just did some shit with The Clipse and many others. Its hot it's a classic mixtape you can put it in and just play it from start to the end. And yall can cop that at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/ROBGRIMES "

Audio-ology: When can we expect an official album from Rob Grimes?

Rob Grimes: "In 2007 be on the look for that."

Audio-ology: As an unsigned artist, what's the hardest part about getting your music out there to a wide audience?

Rob Grimes: "I would say just no radio play on nationwide mix shows, it makes its harder for people to hear your music with out radio play. But regardless I'm getting my music heard. We take the streets route and have our street team get it across the US and the UK is picking up on the music to. I feel good music with a good push will get you heard just keep it moving."

Audio-ology: What do you find to be the most effective method of marketing and promotion for your work?

Rob Grimes: "Shows, I will be coming to a city near you soon. I like to give music to the people live and direct so they can see my whole act and get a feel for what i bring to the table. Also the net is a big thing to so hitting that hard as well and hitting the streets heavy."

Audio-ology: a lot of artists say they would never sign with a major label because they feel they would lose creative control over their work. Is your ultimate goal to get signed by a major label, or will you continue to go the indie route?

Rob Grimes: "I'm going to keep the people guessing on that, 07 will be a good year."

Audio-ology: Which artists influenced you the most growing up? What artists (major or indie) are you feeling these days?

Rob Grimes: "Coming up I bumped alot of, Jay-z, Nas, Biggie, Tupac, and Dr. Dre. When I got in high school I started bumping alot of Mos Def, J.Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, N.E.R.D, Slum Village, and Eminem anything that was underground and hot I was on. Now Days I'm bumping anything that's hot. Yezzir!"

Audio-ology: The song that won the Battle, Problems, is a very personal and reflective song. How have your past experiences in life influenced your music?

Rob Grimes: "Heavily I like to talk about stuff that I seen, things I went through the struggles, the pain and the pleasures in my life it makes for the best music."

Audio-ology: California has a lot of talented underground artists. Who do you see as the next great emcee to make a real impact on hip-hop from the west coast?

Rob Grimes: "Me, I can't wait till the world hears the album its fire. It's going to be a breath of fresh air for HIPHOP. Also Young Tools, Mitchy Slick, and Reign Major. There is alot of talent out here."

Audio-ology: Is hip-hop really dead, as Nas claims? How can we revive it if it is, or how can we make sure it continues to survive and grow?

Rob Grimes: "I feel djying/rap music isn't dead but the rest of Hip-hop is. Its sad the media don't want to show more Bboying and graffiti except for in the back ground of these music videos everything used to be united but things change we all know that. Alot of people are taking offense to the saying "Hip-hop is Dead" if you got offended by it you probably killed it." We can make it grow and survive by putting the people who know what Hip-hop is about in charge. But it is what it is. Just do you. "

Audio-ology: We had this as our "Topic of the Day" question a couple weeks ago, but I want to get your opinion on it: Are beefs good for hip-hop? Why or why not?

Rob Grimes: "If its real beef , you an another artist had a run in face to face and shit popped of between the 2 of you then you cant get around it that's real. Not this jump on the next man's name cause you want a name that's corny to me real talk. "

Audio-ology: What are your predictions for the outcome of the Audio Battle 3?

Rob Grimes: "If I lose, I still win I'm the peoples champ. I'm bout to give Hip-hop a breath of fresh air with this album, I'm going to promote the audio battle but I'm more focused on my plans."

Audio-ology: What are your goals for the New Year as far as advancing your career?

Rob Grimes: "Just watch me do me."

Audio-ology: What's the illest hip-hop site on the internet? (You already know!!)

Rob Grimes: Yezzir!!!

Audio-ology: Anything else you want to add before we end this - AUDIO-OLOGY.COM

"Front 2 Back Magazine"

What up Rob? How you doing tonight? Maybe you want to introduce yourself first.

What up world? Every thing is good. Woke up with money on my mind. I go by the name of Rob Grimes, I’m a Hip Hop recording artist out of southern Cali and im hungry, im gonna bring that hunger to the game.

At the age of 5 your life changed fundamental. Your mother move away after the divorce with your father. Have you ever wrote a song about the time while and shortly after the divorce?
Yeah, thing never been the same. But it is what it is, my mother is good and in good health, same goes for my pops so all is well. Yeah I actually wrote one a few months ago about that. I got kinda deep and emotional on that joint. It should be on my album, if not this one the next.

At the age of 12 you started rhyming. Which themes have you had at this age?
*laughs* Yeah back then it was all freestyle nothing to serious, more for fun and just because. Around that time I was just on some bboy shit, about gold ropes even though I wasn’t old enough to see what was really going on in 80’s as far as Hip-Hop I rapped about it cause that was what I knew about. But I actually started writing songs at 16.

Then you slithered into the wrong direction, but woke up when a close friend was killed in a drug related shootout. How do you feel now about the time before you’ve realized that something was going wrong in your life?
Man, I just look back to how deep and precious life was back then. It makes me really want to get up early and just work hard and life live. Like it’s motivational to make something out of nothing. For teachers to tell me I would never be shit cause I couldn’t pass a math test but I could tell you how many people were in roc steady. When I think back it makes me wanna prove all the haters wrong. I feel like I gotta put my whole family and city on my back and be the bread winner for all of us. I feel sad that I lost my homie over some shit like that though. I just remember all the funny things we did it makes me smile.

You are known for your freestyles and your special flow. Where do you see your chance to gain ground in the rap game?
I feel that when I get in the game I’m going to be setting trends. Because you can’t box me in there is so much shit in my head that I know is change the game. I’m going to have my own lane. You can’t say im underground, west coast, backpack, party rapper, gangster none of that, I’m just a really dope recording artist. I feel like im going to make an impact and just bring that swagger and hunger to the game. I feel a few rappers got swagger but I feel that the hunger is missing out the game. There hasn’t really been a strong hunger since Eminem back in like 96. So I’m just ready to get busy.

Currently you are working on your debut album, coming in the 4th quarter. Can you already say something about the title, features or anything else?
Struggle Hustle is the album name, don’t get confused I do have a mixtape out called Struggle Hustle The Mixtape I did that just to get people used to the name and ready for what was about to come. I got production from my in house producers Skoolcraft Music, and Messangers Music. The album is crazy, I think this is going to be one of those albums you can play for 10 years. It’s gotta that feel to it. As for as features, I’m only going to have R&B Soul sensation Havana on there. I didn’t want to get a lot of rappers on my album because it’s all about me on this one. It’s my first album.

In which genre of rap will your debut album be placed? Gangster rap, Party rap or which genre?
They need to give me my own genre Swagger Music *laughs*. No, I think they will put me in Hip- Hop/ Rap.

It says, you will wake up the rap game with a new and fresh west coast style. Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what you doing at that time?
In 5 years I see my self still dropping albums. Writing and producing for other artist in the industry, starting a label , owning some real estate, eating good, making good investments, and just working hard and living right.

Is there anything else you want to say to the readers? check out my page and stay tuned for the album 4th quarter god willing or 1rst quarter next year. I got some mixtapes I’m going to be dropping to heat up the market so get ready. Peace to everyone that’s down with me. Robgrimes00@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it hit me on the gmail for collaborations, shows , whatever just hit me up. Front2Back y’all need to send me out there so I can rock some shows live man lets do it! Peace! - Front 2 Back Magazine


Some Will Some Wont 2013-2014



The new era of swag is in full effect. Rob Grimes, the leader of hip hop's next generation, makes the transition from a backpack rapper to a full-fledged icon. Known for his clever rhymes and eccentric flow, Rob has been the opening act for artist such as T.I., Mistah F.A.B., Curren$y and Kendrick Lamar. Rob Grimes is poised to wake the industry up to a different flavor of West Coast lyricism.

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